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  1. welbigm

    Prime Rib

    We cook our prime in a big rooster at a resturant I help cook at our directions are 550 in oven 23 min in rooster at 300 for 2hrs.. Takes it to about 115 degrees if you can cook it at 300 degrees with no water or anything it will give you best result and the prime we serve is very excellent
  2. welbigm

    New WSM any additional equipment needed?

    No I think u will be fine once you get use to it....I live in South Dakota and I have no problem getting and holding temps in very cold weather.. A temp probe would be excellent idea but I just purchased bbq guru digi q 2 and love it with my wsm. 18.5. As far as only cooking for 2-4 ppl I...
  3. welbigm

    New smoker for my husband

    18.5 weber best investment ever....
  4. welbigm

    Quick ??

    So Saturday I wanna do a beer can chicken this will be my 5 smoke in a wsm 18.5 I picked up for 100 bucks.. Temp is suppose to be 40-45 should I have any troubles getting to225-250.. I went from electric to the wsm had lots of problem in winter in South Dakota smoking just wondering if the wsm...
  5. welbigm

    Freezing Jalapenos for ABT's later?

    Look up pickled jalpeno for canning take away the dill to make it sour I do all my jalpeno that way stay fresh. Just the end off leave the seeds if you really imterested let me know I got about a month left ill post pics and detail on how to do it
  6. First buck board bacon and Canadian bacon

    First buck board bacon and Canadian bacon

  7. welbigm

    First buck board bacon and Canadian bacon

    Well went to SAMs today to do usual decided to try buck board and candiam bacon... I used pops brine for both I added jalapeño to the buck board and plan on cold smoking that with apple with the brand new amnps that arrived on Friday...
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  9. welbigm

    Quick question for buckboard bacon

    Awesome thanks a million
  10. welbigm

    Quick question for buckboard bacon

    So I'm planning to start my first buck board bacon this coming weekend.. I plan on using pops wet brine and my question I really have is I bought some apple smoke jalapeño bacon from a guy and I wanna do that with buck board bacon... So any help here would be great I was thinking A.- either cut...
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