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    personal recipe book

    I made the mistake of keeping them all on the computer to do a back up had power surges lost everything before i had them backed up. couple of years of favorite recipes lost with a burned out hard drive made me want to cry so I am starting over at my favorite site SMF bad thing about it was...
  2. undertaker2401

    Laid Up for a While

    Dutch get well soon prayers are with you!
  3. undertaker2401

    sour cream cornbread

    A cracklin is when you butcher a hog you scald it instead of skinning then you cut the fat and the skin into chunks and render it down to make lard, a cracklin is what you have after you press the rendered chunks to get the lard all out very tasty with a little salt but hard on the teeth...
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    IM still here Earl this is a great site with great people just havent had time to be on much lately hoping to be here alot more. My youngest daughter slipped up when i was watching steven riechlin and said hey thats the guy that wrote the books mommy got then she caught herself so i guess im...
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    Earl she used one with skin on
  6. undertaker2401

    Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks

    here is recipe i tried and went over really well at work I did mine in the smoker until the bacon was done but you can do it in the oven also I did a couple packages of breadsticks and didnt have any left after 15 minutes. Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks 4 1/2-ounce box sesame seed breadsticks...
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    Here is the recipe for turducken from paula deens show in case anyone wanted it. Turducken Recipe courtesy Paula Deen Recipe Summary Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 30 minutes Inactive Prep Time: 8 hours Cook Time: 5 hours Yield: 25 servings, as main course User Rating: 4 Stars Brine: 1 cup...
  8. undertaker2401

    char-broil side smoker

    bg the baffle is just a piece of sheet metal to cut some of the heat down in the chamber
  9. undertaker2401

    Ring Bologna?

    Earl come to think of it im the one got him back into smoking meats i should have all the recipes lol dont you think ?
  10. undertaker2401

    Ring Bologna?

    Earl i do hate it when he does that but i eventually get the recipe cause he'll want one of mine lol ive learned so much just watching him he will smoke chunks of deer meat and slice it up no need for cooking just eat away my youngest asked him for his recipe for that cause she will go to his...
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    Ring Bologna?

    damn he wont give me the recipe lol sorry steve i tried
  12. undertaker2401

    Ring Bologna?

    Hey Steve Where in NY are you my dad is from pa, and he makes the garlic ring bologna taste great better than alot of the stuff you buy in the stores in pa. they seem to be mushy his isnt i'll get the recipe from him and send it to you if you send me your email addy but he doesnt like to give...
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    char-broil side smoker

    I just got agreat deal on a charbroil smokinpit smoker only cost me $35.00 at Walmart they were trying to make room and I offered the manager that much and he said its yours normaly run about $150.00 its also the offset smoker so ive got a few modifications to do like a baffle for one then...
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    North Carolina Style Finishing Sauce

    slomike if the first recipe wasnt what you were looking for maybe this one is either way they are both good recipes to have on hand. The traditional finishing sauce for Carolina Style Pulled Pork The traditional finishing sauce for Carolina Style Pulled Pork. This sauce is served on the table...
  15. undertaker2401

    Plans for a wood smoker

    Shane dont know if this is what you are looking for, hope this will help you http://www.mikesell.net/smoker/ let me know ok if its what you wanted if not i think i might have some other plans around.
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