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    Thanksgiving Whole Ham

    thanks Fester!
  2. udt89

    Thanksgiving Whole Ham

    could i get some more details on this cook?  i would like to do close to the same thing if not the exact same
  3. udt89


    old thread, but how often should you be basting it after the first hour? and does it need any after smoking prep? like wrapping it in foil and towels to rest for an hour?
  4. udt89

    I understand the 4 hour rule, but......

    read the 275 degree thing here, second post. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/72852/food-safety-and-low-and-slow-discussion
  5. udt89

    I understand the 4 hour rule, but......

    so if i were smoking a turkey putting the temp probe in cold is the proper way to do it. if i were doing brisket or pork, I should wait till the outside temp is 140? or 165 before putting in a temp probe? or somewhere in that range
  6. udt89

    I understand the 4 hour rule, but......

    when reading around the site I see people stating they are at a constant 250 degrees for X hours.  Didnt I read in this forum somewhere to get to the required temp in 4 hours you need to be at 275? also, just to confirm, putting a temperature probe into a meat while it is still uncooked changes...
  7. udt89

    Excellent deal on a used 18.5 WSM in New Hampshire....another in Chicago

    AMAZING DEAL in NH only $65!!!! http://nh.craigslist.org/for/2060126242.html Used in Chicago $175 http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/tls/2059950700.html Someone in NH better scoop that up, that price just isnt fair.
  8. udt89

    To buy or not to buy this WSM package?

    haha good point :)
  9. udt89

    To buy or not to buy this WSM package?

    So i found a guy near me selling a 22.5 WSM.  He used to compete and has had the WSM since April.  He said he used it about 5-6 times but took good care of it. With that he is selling a stoker with three probes, from https://www.rocksbarbque.com/.  And an upgraded 10 cfm fan. He is asking...
  10. udt89

    where to find flavored wood

    im on long island too.  whereabouts are you? i see different flavors at home depot and lowes all the time
  11. udt89

    HELP! How many pork butts do I need to feed 30 people!

    what is the best way to reheat pulled pork?  what is the best way to keep it warm if you are serving it?
  12. udt89

    Heard a rumor of a 26.5 Weber Smokey Mountain coming out soon..........

    That's one big ass smoker. Anyone else hear about this?  I dont plan on buying it because that is too big for anything I plan on doing right now, but it must be a sight to see.
  13. udt89

    YMMV: Weber Charcoal Starter $3.98?

    yea big time score :) now i got everything i need to smoke........except a smoker LOL.  italian stubbornness prevails.  can get the 18.5 for a great price......but i WANT the bigger one LOL
  14. udt89

    YMMV: Weber Charcoal Starter $3.98?

    Was in home depot and saw one last weber charcoal chimney starter.  No label no barcode.  Brought it to the counter and when they searched it comes up $3.98. I told them it was $14.99 but they said it might be on season closeout.  Just an FYI if you see this at home depot. YMMV=your mileage...
  15. udt89

    22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain $299 , Alexandria, VA area

    In my never ending attempt to score this smoker for equal to or under $300, I came across this posting. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/app/2029910690.html Hope it helps someone, doesnt help me in NY and they dont ship. (i already asked).  And I did confirm its the 22.5 inch.
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