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  1. szynka

    Kielbasa for New Years

    Good recipe.  Basic seasonings and no fillers and extenders.  You did a nice job.
  2. szynka

    Kielbasa for New Years

    Looks good!  What kind of sausage is that?
  3. szynka

    Bear summer sausage

    A sous vide circulator is a great way to poach sausage to bring it up to the desired IT.  But what is the purpose of poaching it all night if you already cooked it at 160 for 6 hours.  I just don't get the science behind this process.
  4. szynka

    Dried Polish in the Hopper: On Track?

    What you made and what the recipe in Marianski's book reads are leagues apart, in fact far far apart.    Your meats,  and procedure are not even close.  And pepper cheese?  And next you'll be telling us that it is not a good recipe.
  5. szynka

    Dry cure ham Pink salt cure #1

    Ray Ray, if you want to follow the recipe exactly, mix 18g of salt with 2g of Cure #1.   That 20g will be the same as the German curing salt (.5% nitrite).  And don't worry about not using enough nitrite.  Too many American hobbyists think that they need to use the maximum allowable amounts, and...
  6. szynka

    Andouille stix

    Nice looking sausage.  Good colour, nicely smoked and probably tasty.  But Kabanosy they ain't.  The name is protected by the Polish Government and recognized by the European Union.  In order for a sausage to be called Kabanos(singular) or Kabanosy (plural) it can contain only the following...
  7. szynka

    Smoked Italian and Polish Sausage

    Loads of recipes for Polish sausages are on Stan Marianski's website here: http://www.meatsandsausages.com/sausage-recipes If you are looking for a smoked Polish sausage for grilling, you can make Polska Kiełbasa Wędzona.  This sausage is cold smoked and can be grilled, poached or dried like a...
  8. szynka

    Reversing Snack Stix Smoking/Cooking Order?

    Dave, is goose not poultry?  According to the USDA, it should be cooked to 165.  Or are there different temps for game birds? Oberst, don't use duck fat with venison when making a smoked sausage.  It has a low melting point and will render out.  You might get away with using it in a fresh sausage.
  9. szynka

    Reversing Snack Stix Smoking/Cooking Order?

    Not a good idea. There are fundamentals in sausage making and this is way off.  Your cooked meat mix will not bind since you mead myosin, salt and water to do the job and that can only be achieved with raw meat.  I hope you have a dog.
  10. szynka

    Swedish Lapplands sausage

    Caul fat.
  11. szynka

    Kielbasa, My First Effort

    "kielbasa" is the Polish word for "sausage".  So this the first time you made sausage?
  12. szynka

    All beef kielbasa

    Which all beef sausage recipe on Poli's site did you use? 
  13. szynka

    Sausage - how much cure for colour only?

    "However, 40-50 ppm nitrite is useful in that it has some preservative effect. This amount has also been shown to be sufficient for color-fixing purposes and to achieve the expected cured meat or poultry appearance." Stanley Marianski...
  14. szynka

    Sausage - how much cure for colour only?

    All you need to get the pink/red color is .6g per kilo, maybe even a bit less.  But .6 only gives you 40ppm nitrite and for obvious safety reasons you need 2 to 2.5g of cure to per kilo be in the safe zone of 120ppm minimum and 156ppm maximum.
  15. szynka


    Look you guys, I did not criticize the sausages, their quality, appearance and I'm sure they taste good.  But they are not Kabanosy.  If you ordered a hamburger and got meatballs  at a restaurant would you say, "wow what a nice hamburger"?  Because that is what you are all doing here. 
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