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  1. sundaysmoker

    how much pork to cook????

    thanks for the responses - With all the sides I may go somewhere in between 1/4-1/2lb per person. Thanks again. Patrick
  2. sundaysmoker

    how much pork to cook????

    Goodmorning everyone. It's been a while since I have been around - taking the winter off I guess. Hope everyone has been doing well. I am cooking some 'que for approx 30 people. There will be seasoned potatoes and baked beans and rolls. How much pork should I cool?? I hope some of you that...
  3. sundaysmoker

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro 830 with side firebox

    Wow 6 hour burn!! :shock: That's great. I usually start my charcoal in a chimney then dump it on a pretty good sized pile of unlite coals - then after 2 hours or so I start using wood - usually oak and pecan. I still haven't mastered how much smoke for the right amount of flavor - but I am...
  4. sundaysmoker

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro 830 with side firebox

    cheech, I really like mine - I have been smoking for less than a year but I have not had any problems out of this unit. the fire box has worked great for me - I have used both charcoal and wood to cook with and the fire box is big enough for either. the metal seems pretty heavy duty without...
  5. sundaysmoker

    Congratulations, Dutch!

    Congrats dutch!! you sure deserve it - besides you can't have an official welcome guy that's not an official part of the staff!!!! :lol: Patrick
  6. sundaysmoker

    Char-Griller Smokin Pro 830 with side firebox

    hillcity, I tried crazyhorses idea and turned the charcoal pan upside. it works great!! - There is only approx 25* temp diff from one side to the other. And the great thing about flipping the charcoal pan is you don't have to buy anything. Just flip it over and put the adjusters in there...
  7. sundaysmoker

    Need help with a pork picnic shoulder!

    Wow what a great thread! Thanks brian for starting it. I have been wondering about the diff. between those 2 cuts of meat. And this clears it up!! I had thought maybe to use the "tougher" hunk of meat for soups!! Just a thought. Patrick
  8. sundaysmoker

    Smoked Soup

    What a great idea for left overs !! Sounds yummie!! Thank goodness it's almost lunch time!!!
  9. sundaysmoker

    Got SOme Diff. Types of wood

    A friend from work gave me some maple and oak this weekend. :) The trees have been down for approx 12-14 months. I hope they will burn good. I am going to get the bark off of them and split them into small strips. He knew what I wanted them for so he cut them in small "logs" 12-16 inches...
  10. sundaysmoker

    The Fat Cap Discussion Thread (Applies to Pork too)

    Chicago Bill, I am very new to smoking but your logic seems dead on too me. I have yet to smoke a brisket - but I think when I do It will be fat cap down. I am waiting on someone to do a side by side trial -one packer cap up and one packer cap down. I think it should be interesting. Great...
  11. sundaysmoker

    First Turkey Smoke

    Thanks Earl - I will try that next time I do spare ribs. And I'll check out that bean recipe, sounds good. Man that chuck roast smoke sounds good!! It sounds like a crock pot meal, but in the smoker. What do you put in the pan with the carrots, potatoes, and mushroom? What I mean is, what...
  12. sundaysmoker

    My New Woodpile!

    Wow!! That's some friend. That will make some great fuel for future smokes. Now you just have to split it. That's the no fun part!! Glad to see you back unscathed from the hurricane. Patrick
  13. sundaysmoker

    First Turkey Smoke

    Well everything turned out delicious! The ribs were very tender and tasty. They weren't quite fall off the bone tender but they very good. The turkey took 7 hrs to reach 175* . It had a good smoke flavor and a hint of the italian dressing. It wasn't dry, but I do wish it was a little more...
  14. sundaysmoker

    Smoked Fried Turkey

    Sounds pretty good. I have yet to have fried turkey but I have heard they are excellant. Let us know when you try it. Patrick
  15. sundaysmoker

    First Turkey Smoke

    Well the smoke has begun...And the smoker is full!! 2 racks of spare ribs 10 1/2 lb turkey and 2 fatties. I did the spare ribs St. louis style I think :? - I cut them almost in half along the end of the rib bones. Man that leaves one hunk of meat! It seems there are some thin...
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