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  1. stiffmiester

    Pinwheel Chicken W/ Qview

    I just tried my stand by pinwheel chicken in the GOSM for the first time. I did not get the assembly pictures like I wanted but here is the process I use. Butterfly boneless, skinless breasts. I marinate in Lime juice, honey, fresh garlic, white wine and cilantro for three hours. Next i use...
  2. stiffmiester

    Repalcement racks for GOSM

    I have 36" GOSM and have noticed there is a space for a sixth rack. Where can I get a replacement/extra rack?
  3. stiffmiester

    Apple wood drying

    Man this site has helped answer many questions and this was a big one. I know five large hardstone fruit orchardists and have free reign to apple, cherry, peach and pear wood. What I have always wondered is how long I have to dry it. Thanks again SMF
  4. stiffmiester

    newbie BUTT questions

    Sometimes I like to use seven up and whiskey as a spritz. Good for the meat and the cook! There is something about that Limeon taste that helps.
  5. stiffmiester

    Country Style Ribs

    That's one happy dog! I've always been leary of country style because of the lack of bone for moisture/temp difference. Did you alter time vs. cooking bone in? Overall I'm hungry now
  6. stiffmiester

    GOSM Ribs

    Thanks folks. I have done many a rack of ribs, brisket ect. on my smoker pit but man was it nice using that GOSM! Next up is either pulled pork or a brisket.
  7. stiffmiester

    GOSM Ribs

    Here is a belated QView of my first smoke in my new gosm. The trimmed from spare ribs courtesy of the sticky. And her is my tools for the trade And the finished product
  8. stiffmiester

    Breakin in the GOSM

    I sweet talked the wife into lettin me get my xmas present early, a 34" GOSM. this I am pickin up some ribs for smoking this weekend. already got the rub mixed up, smoked paprika, ancho chile powder, garlic, mexican cumin, and mexican oregano. will post up Qview.
  9. stiffmiester

    Newbie Hello

    Okay, I got the green light from the Mrs. and will purchase my GOSM later today. I will post a Qview on my first smoke with it.
  10. stiffmiester

    Newbie Hello

    My neighbor showed me your website and now I'm hooked. I have had a Charbroil smoker pit for eight years and am looking at picking up either a GOSM propane or a Masterbuilt electric next. What are the pros/cons of each?
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