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    Last minute 50% off big discount Inkbird bbq thermometer for Christmas Gift!!

    Could I get a code for the Inkbird 150FT IBT-6XS please.
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    Sponsored 50% Coupon for Inkbird 1500feet Remote Signal Waterproof BarbecueThermometer

    I would like to try it out. My Maverick is on its way out.
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    Auber syl-2352p ramp/soak

    My wife is going to be smoking some summer sausage this Friday in the fridge smoker while I'm at work. I haven't figured out the steps yet and looking for help. I have always changed the temp manually and never used the ramp/soak. The controller is the auber 2352p. The Temps that I want ramped...
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    First build

    Flow of smoke is great.
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    First build

    The one side might have a little more smoke than the other but not by much. I thought about connecting the two pipes together after the ammo box but before the pipes go into the smoker . I still want to add a sheet of metal over the elements to keep them clean and it would also help to disperse...
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    First build

    This is my fridge build. I have one 1500 watt element on my pid controller and if I need more heat, I have the other 1500 watt element on a temp dial. I attached a ammo box under the smoker behind the bottom drawer. I used 3/4 inch black pipe and ran that to the smoker. I do not have any...
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    Western Royal smoker build

    I got a bunch of work done today. The inside liner was pulled out as was the cardboard insulation. Found out the bottom of the fridge, under the inside liner was cardboard. Pulled that out also. Will replace that with steel plate. Also found the trim pieces around the door and also around the...
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    Western Royal smoker build

    I just picked up a Western Royal fridge for my first smoker build. Picked it up from a guy that was going to either turn it into a gun case or a smoker. He already started to tear it down. The compressor and condenser coils were already pulled out. Going to pull the inner shell out today. I...
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