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    Greek Sparerib Barbecue

    Ron, I tried this recipe about 3 years ago as an experiment for a Greek themed party. They were a smash hit. I had printed out the recipe, but I lost it over a recent move. I was wondering if you could repost the recipe, as it is not on the original post? If you do not want to post it there...
  2. squirejoe

    Parts for Sale

    Plates measure 2 1/8th inch.
  3. squirejoe

    Parts for Sale

    Recently, my old grinder gave up the ghost and all main gears stripped. I still have the grinding plates it came with, as well as the screw and hopper. I was wondering if anyone who might have the same model want to buy the parts off of me. They do not fit my new grinder. Here is the grinder...
  4. Parts for Sale

    Parts for Sale

  5. Parts.jpg


  6. Old grinder.jpg

    Old grinder.jpg

  7. squirejoe

    Polish Sausages

    Thanks for the reassurance. I am in the planning stages for a party over New Years, and I usually come up with cold smoked cheeses and salmon(lox), and I want to expand my offerings into sausages.
  8. squirejoe

    Polish Sausages

    OK....I have a question here....and please forgiver my newbie question. I have been looking through MANY sausage recipes, and all of them say to grind the meat then mix in the spices. Why not cut the meat into your preferred shape and toss the spices in it, then grind and then adjust the...
  9. squirejoe

    Cajun Green Onion Sausage?

    Posting this here for everyone's enjoyment and my future reference.    3 1/2 - 4 pound pork butt1/2 bunch green onion greens, chopped1 medium head garlic, minced1/2 medium yellow onion, chopped1 cup fresh parsley, minced1/2 teaspoon cayenne1/2 teaspoon smoked sweet paprika1/4 teaspoon cinnamon2...
  10. squirejoe

    Mmmmmm Pork Pies

    Because porkbutt doesn't always come in nice and even sizes, I created a spreadsheet to calculate the spices for the sausage recipe. I will be trying this recipe this weekend. Here is the link to the folder: http://squirejoe.com/bbq/ Its the sausage1.xls file there. This is based on a weight...
  11. squirejoe

    "Pre" smoking.

    Never mind...I had brain surgery earlier this year and forgot I already posted the question previously. (seriously...I had a tumor removed...not just an excuse for forgetting.) Ref: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/134614/pre-smoking-meat#post_991868 Sorry about that.
  12. squirejoe

    "Pre" smoking.

    The temperatures are starting to drop here in the Mid-Atlantic, and the heart starts drifting to Cold Smoking.....for me at least. I have had great success with smoking cheeses and cold smoking fish when the temps stay below 40 degrees. I use an A-MAZE-N sawdust smoker and the IT of the smoking...
  13. squirejoe

    "Insufficient Permissions" when accessing a thread

    I was following a saved link to access a recipe and I received his error: "You do not have permission to post in this thread. Please contact a site administrator if you believe this to be in error. Alternately you may return to the <a href='/f/'>Forums</a> forum" I was not posting. Only trying...
  14. squirejoe

    Kiełbasa Krakowska Wędzona (Smoked Krakow Sausage) & Good ol' Basic Kielbasa (with pics)

    As far as the Pork tasting different, you might want to see if there are any "Heritage" pig farms raising Berkshire breed of swine. Most of the modern, industrial Pig is bread to be leaner and grow faster. Berkshires and other Heritage breeds tend to glow slower, more fatty and taste like I...
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