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  1. squatch

    Pork Butt

    Thanks for sharing, it’s like watching “smokervision” in here! Now if only we could smell it... mmm Points! Happy Smoking
  2. squatch

    Pizza Fatty with a New Weave

    Looks tasty! I will have to give that a try on the next fatty session mmm
  3. squatch

    WSM 18 or 22?

    Nice looking spread of grub you cooked up boardgames! I think you will really enjoy your new Weber whatever size you end up choosing. I am definitely a huge fan of the WSM, so much so I have now acquired one of each size haha! And I use them all... The 14”er is nice for being portable and...
  4. squatch

    Pork butt temp stall?

    Looks like this thread hit a stall for about a year but it finally powered through! :emoji_laughing: Lots of great input here - Happy Smoking!
  5. squatch

    Pellet Grill Reverese Sear

    Nice lookin steak! My neighbor has 2 YS-640’s and I’ve assisted him with several large cooks. We like doing 6 Tri Tip at a time, usually 3 different “flavors”... and we use a similar method to what you described where we run them under 200* for about 1.5hrs and then we pull them off and hold...
  6. squatch

    First smoke on WSM 18, how much charcoal to use?

    I’ve been using pretty much the same method Whoppr suggested for several years now, although I start with a much smaller can and I also start with my lower vents nearly closed. I try to avoid overshooting my target temp. Your results will vary based on factors such as ambient outdoor air temp...
  7. squatch

    Bless Me Lord, For I Have Sinned! Smoker Is Worth More Than Our Deck..

    Thanks for all the kind compliments everyone! This has become one of my favorite recipes for Chicken Breast and its really very simple. I try to brine overnight if I have time, or at least 4 hours before smoking. After brining I lay the breasts out on a cutting board and apply a generous amount...
  8. squatch

    Bless Me Lord, For I Have Sinned! Smoker Is Worth More Than Our Deck..

    The final product. Wife says I’m currently now in 2nd place next in line with her favorite smokehouse chicken sandwich which I take as a great compliment.
  9. squatch

    Bless Me Lord, For I Have Sinned! Smoker Is Worth More Than Our Deck..

    In my own defense I’ve been researching and saving for over two years! Still, I do feel a bit guilty... but I also feel like a proud new father! Say hello to my new Mak 1 Star General! I’m so excited I just needed to share with some like-minded friends who would appreciate what’s really going...
  10. squatch

    How I obtained my free smoker

    Congratulations on your score! Happy Smoking
  11. squatch

    which pellet smoker would best replace a standard BBQ Grill

    What kind of budget are we working with?
  12. squatch

    post up your really Spicy ABT smokes

    Not all Jalapeños are created equal, some can be much “spicy-er” than others. You sound like a serious chili head so I’m sure you must already know to leave the seeds and membrane intact when filling if you are looking for that extra bang. Consider adding some fresh ground...
  13. squatch

    First cook MAK 1 star

    I’ve been pondering the purchase of a nice pellet grill and I keep coming back to the Mak 1 Star... how are you liking it now that you’ve had it awhile? Did you add the new Flame Zone upgrade?
  14. squatch

    Where can I get the best price on LumberJack Pellets?

    Sadly it looks like Dick’s no longer offers the Lumber Jack brand at least on their website... they were probably loosing too much $$$ from all the Rural King price match requests!
  15. squatch

    Smoke'd Grenade's

    Thanks guys! Let me know when they are ready and I will bring a few frosty cold one's with me
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