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    Garlic & Cheese Kielbasa

    Peelmaster   That is the best looking Kielbasa I think I have ever seen. I am looking forward to making a summer sausage that my Dad used to make. He gave me his old stuffer. he used to make his "salami" with ,plus he gave me his recipe.    I thank you for inspiring me to give it a try...
  2. smokin sid

    Welcome to the grill ladies!!

    Welcome smokin GMA    You found one of the nicest forums. There is endless bits of information and very nice people willing to share.                                                                                                                 Happy Smokin...
  3. smokin sid

    Welcome to the grill ladies!!

    Welcome Aboard  BC Girl!!!!!   This is the place to be.I am getting ready to smoke some Baby Back ribs for a family gathering coming up soon. For my Dad's Celebration of Life. Hope you are staying cool. It's 107 degrees at my house.                                         Happy Smokin...
  4. smokin sid

    Menu Costing (newbe here)

    Hi J   Welcome to the group. Have you had any luck in finding the info you were looking for? I have so much fun smoking meat since I have found this forum. A lot of good information and a lot of nice people who are willing to share their experience and know how. Let me know if you get the info...
  5. smokin sid

    Broken leg....

    Inkjunkie   It is always heart breaking when a pet gets hurt or sick. I wish Daisy a speedy recovery and that she gets back on all four paws real soon. She looks like she is a real sweet dog.                                                                          Smokin Sid
  6. smokin sid

    Honey BBQ sticks

    Stayhot    Those snack sticks look like they would be fun to make. I have not attempted to smoke any meat with casings involved yet. Did your casings come with the seasoning kit or do you have a different source for buying your casings?     I will look into the snack stick/sausage making info...
  7. smokin sid

    New Smoker ready to Grill

    Greetings Philly Chick    This is the place to be for any questions you have. It sure has helped me so much since I started smoking meat.   People are friendly and are willing to share their experience with anyone who asks.     I have a 40" Masterbuilt LP Gas Smoker and I love it. My husband...
  8. smokin sid

    Turkey Day

    Greetings Everyone!   It's the first day of December and I just got a chance to sit down at the lap-top. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, just as I did.   My friend Lynne cooks the turkey every year and my contribution is the Veggies! I oven roasted green beans,steamed Brussel...
  9. smokin sid

    Home made prep cart

    If you ever decide to sell plans to your prepping cart please let me know. I would be very interested in purchasing a set from you.There always seem to be an abundance of scrap wood lying around my place and it don't do much good just sitting there doing nothing.   You are a talented wood...
  10. smokin sid

    How long does re-thawed already cooked food last?

    Greetings Wade!      Thank you for answering a "Freezing By Date"question that has been in the back of my mind for a long time. When I go on a meat shopping trip I try to remember to take an ice chest with ice so everything that I buy that needs to stay cold ,is nice and cold when I home...
  11. smokin sid

    Need some feedback.

    Greetings Zoe!     My husband has decided to bring the Texas Meatballs he loves to make.So I thought I would do a non-meat munchie. I decided to do a good old classic from Pampered Chef.  "Cool Veggie Pizza".     The host of this beer tasting has a dietary restriction on animal protein since...
  12. smokin sid

    Welcome to the grill ladies!!

    Welcome Becki      This is the right site for all the BBQ & Smoking questions you want answers to. The first piece of advice I used was using a 8" cast iron skillet to place my wood chips in instead of the funny little pan that came with the smoker. With the slots in the pan I don't see how...
  13. smokin sid

    Need some feedback.

    Thank you Chef Jimmy J   I will check those out for sure.                                                             Smokin Sid
  14. smokin sid

    Need some feedback.

    This sounds pretty tasty! The marinade is a cream sherry base with a nice chunk of fresh ground ginger in it along with some other fresh herbs.                                                 Thanks                                           Smokin Sid
  15. smokin sid

    Need some feedback.

    Greetings Everyone!   The coolest thing happened yesterday.A friend and neighbor stopped by and gave me a box full of wonderful cook books, recipe cards and cut out recipes from newspapers that she has collected over the years. I took a sneak peak at some of the recipes and I found one I might...
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