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  1. smokin relaxin steve

    New to Forum

    Welcome to SMF!
  2. smokin relaxin steve

    Fresh Hams on a UDS with Qview

    Wow... Nice looking ham... Great Job!
  3. smokin relaxin steve

    wild boar back straps, shoulders and a roast

    Looks awesome... that is one mean smoke ring!
  4. smokin relaxin steve

    Newbie from New Jersey

    Welcome aboard... I am from Camden County myself!
  5. smokin relaxin steve

    any good smoker for around $500?

    $500 will get you an awesome smoker with enough money left over to load it up on the first smoke, a couple cases of beer, and a bottle of whiskey...  Check out the below link... WSM 22.5 that price is out the door... good deal...
  6. smokin relaxin steve

    New WSM 22.5!!!

    Congrats on the 22.5... I love mine, and i am sure you will feel the same...
  7. smokin relaxin steve

    The Jerky World???

    Check out your zoning... A lot of people start small business's on their property and end up biting themselves in the rear
  8. smokin relaxin steve

    Naan Bread

    I love Naan Bread... but honestly, it is 1000x better when cooked in a tandoor... I have an Indian resturant near my house that i will go just for fresh out of the tandoor Naan bread... it melts in your mouth... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This looks pretty good also, for on a grill... nice job
  9. smokin relaxin steve

    Green smoker here

    Oh and one more thing... I noticed you mentioned Competitions... I am not sure how serious you were about that, but if you do decide to enter some, keep in mind most do not allow Gas or Electric smokers... Just a heads up
  10. smokin relaxin steve

    Green smoker here

    Welcome to SMF... I will tell you this... I started on a gas, a month or 2 later I bought a duplicate gas one (LOL) and used them for about a year or more.... than i upgraded to a charcoal... I haven't touched either of the gas ones since... IMHO the charcoal flavor far outweighs what you get on...
  11. smokin relaxin steve

    Beef Back Ribs

    Nice looking Dino Bones there... How did they turn out? Love to see the Diet Pepsi sitting behing a 30 pound beef rib covered in sticky goodness... Stay healthy my firend LOL!
  12. smokin relaxin steve

    Pizza Oven Progress with New Pics 3/6/2012 Finally Done

    This is truly awesome! I would love to do something like this! Great Job! it puts me oven pizza stones to shame LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see some product coming out of that!~ Looking forward to it!
  13. smokin relaxin steve

    Flank Steak Suggestions

    I like to marinade in Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, & Red Pepper Flakes
  14. smokin relaxin steve

    Skin on my smoked turkey and chicken were like rubber

    I usually smoke mine and finish on a high heat gas grill for the last 10 or 15 min (or until the skin is crisp)
  15. smokin relaxin steve

    Beef Short Ribs

    Like Al said... i do mine 3-2-1 Never w/ Kobe though LOL, so in that case i would keep any rub/seasoning simple...
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