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    Just saw your message pushok2018, sorry for the late reply. Generally I get an email...

    Just saw your message pushok2018, sorry for the late reply. Generally I get an email notification. To answer your question, yes. I add a bit more water to the mix prior to running it through the juicer. I hope this helps.
  2. smokenharley

    Dry Beef - Bearcarver Method

    Thanks everyone. I was pleasantly surprised myself. I do like my dry beef a bit on the dry side so it worked out well. Bearcarver, it wasn't overly salty. You could taste some salt but nothing like the store bought stuff that tastes like they dumped a whole shaker in the bag. I never gave it a...
  3. smokenharley

    First Brisket on the Masterbuilt 560 GF

    rexter, brisket is a tough one to master and it appears you got it on the first try. Kudos
  4. smokenharley

    Dry Beef - Bearcarver Method

    I have been wanting to do some dry beef for quite a while and if successful, venison dry beef. I figured I would begin with beef since it's a little easier to replace than my venison if I screw it up. Most of the dry beef I buy from farmers in my area (PA Dutch Country) is brined, very dry, and...
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    Batch of OFG Jerky

    I saw Disco's post and I thought; this is just the jerky texture I was after. Most of the jerky I have made in the past was thinner and definitely more tough. I was looking for something chewy but not like shoe leather. I picked up 3# of top round and went to work - sliced the meat a bit thicker...
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    1st Pork Belly Bacon

    I cold smoked the slabs. I did use the traeger as a container if you will and put the amazen smoker inside. I could have used the Traeger to hot smoke them - I can keep my Traeger between 140 and 170 on the low side but, I think I prefer the cold smoke method.
  7. smokenharley

    Digital Control Panel - Smoke Hollow ES230B/MES 130B

    It is still available. I have the box with with all the control circuitry as well.
  8. smokenharley

    MES 30 20076314 motherboard dead.

    What tallbm said.....and you will without question have much better control over your temps.
  9. smokenharley

    French bread cheese olive bread

    Thanks for the recipe MJ. Gonna give this a try over the weekend. Looks delish.
  10. smokenharley

    Jeff's Stuffed Meatballs - Venison

    I bet they would too. Thanks for the idea Al.
  11. smokenharley

    Venison Wieners/Hot Dogs

    Crazymoon, I hope you find one. IMO, for the money and for the ease of clean-up I think they are the best thing going for non-commercial use.
  12. smokenharley

    Buttermilk Asiago Cheese Bread

    Here ya go guys - enjoy! Ingredients ¼ cup of warm water 1 package (1 3/4 teaspoons) yeast 2 cups buttermilk 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt ¾ stick unsalted butter 4 cups bread flour 1 egg 8oz package Asiago cheese Combine the water, sugar, & yeast and let...
  13. smokenharley

    1st time cold smoking bacom with ampts

    Mofatguy, I am really interested in hearing your results. I think most of us cold smoke 10-15 hours. How did it come out at 2 hours?
  14. smokenharley

    Kamado Joe Classic for $749 - too good to pass up??

    I'm not sure that you can have enough smokers. Unless the deck collapses with the weight of a ceramic grill. On a more serious note; I do not have a Kamodo or similar grill/smoker but I do have a good friend who swears by his Kamodo. He has made some really good stuff that I could not duplicate...
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