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  1. smokebutt

    What Do You Do With Your Pork Fat

    all that does make sense as bad as i hate to admit it...lol..i guess i'll throw it out...ty alot everyone for ur advise
  2. smokebutt

    jerky gun

    hi, i'm thinking of getting a jerky gun from academy sports i was thinking of getting the large 1  its around 50 bucks i think...is it worth it? is it any good? should i get the smaller 1? i wanna make snack sticks..and jerky...any thoughts on this?   ty so much
  3. smokebutt

    What Do You Do With Your Pork Fat

    why couldn't you instead of taking the trimmed fat and making sausage use it after its been smoked...is there a differents here in pork fat and bacon fat?  i would kill for bacon fat...isn't smoked fat from the butt the same just from a different part...not the belly... i put some up in a ice...
  4. smokebutt

    What Do You Do With Your Pork Fat

    hi, on a pork butt i never trim the fat off i let it melt into the meat...and after its smoked i cut it off along with all the fat on the inside...the fat on the outside is normally where the bark is so there's plenty of flavor there, i was wondering what do ya'll do with ur left over fat? right...
  5. smokebutt

    freg build

    hi nut, i wouldn't think that would be big enough, the reason i say that is that on my cajun injector the hole is and i'm guessing maybe 3"  altho there is a vent in it to open and close it...jmo...on my fridge i used a 4" pipe i think..i do know my bottom was open also but had a vent up top but...
  6. smokebutt

    Any ideas for Seafood ABT?

    hi, at what point can you freeze or CAN you freeze poppers/ABT...?  before smoking after smoking? i was thinking of selling some to clubs, just wondering how i could keep them after and before cooked/smoked...ty so much....Billy
  7. smokebutt

    Mississippi boy

    hi, my names Billy and i'm from gulfport ms...Katrina country...well i quit a smoking habit of over 4 packs of cig. a day to do what? start smoking...lol...not sure its cheaper but shure is more fun...sense then i have built 3 home smokers...and own 2 more webbers... i just got my latest...
  8. smokebutt

    freg build

    hi, new here but i have to say this is by far the best site i have ever been on,,,unreal the advice and pic. on this site...like a kid in a candy store... i just got an old 50's freg.. i was going elec. on it with a hot plate which worked great but i also wanted gas...looking at the other freg...
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