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    Several quesitons on Teriyaki jerky

    Below is a link to a recipe that I have used a few times now and everybody that has tried my jerky has said it was the best they ever had.. I too feel it is the best jerky I have had. I included cure #1 in this recipe. It is similar to Wingman's recipe. For 6 pounds of meat, I use about 1.25...
  2. slief

    Dedicated refridgerator for dry aging Beef.. That's my project this weekend!

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm surprised to see this thread has taken a life of its own. Glad it was helpful to you as well as others. I've Actually been thinking about lining the sides of my fridge with slab salt. After seeing input & the video from Golbsalt, I will be giving some more...
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    Carpetbag Steak with Qview~!

    Looks great! That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I was thinking the same thing! Crab, shrimp or lobster stuffed steaks! :drool I'm going to have to give that a try real soon!
  4. slief

    Bacon Wrapped Cheddar, Jalapeno Dogs. Q-View

    Those look great! Thanks for sharing this! I'll definately have to whip some of these up soon! Topped off with chili too! Yummy! :sausage:
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    First attempt at Beef Jerky... Huge success!!!

    Thanks for the feedback guys.. It seems I really outdid myself on this one. I gave my brother a few pieces and he about flipped out. Like my mom, he is not normally a big fan of jerky.. His comments were this was the best stuff he's ever had. That said, today he bought 10 pounds of flank steak...
  6. slief

    Fathers Day Spare Rib perfection! Q-View

    I have been refining my rib recipe for a while now and have it to the point where everybody that has tried them has called them the best ribs they ever had... I use a 2-2-1 for BB and 3-2-1 for spares. I tend to like my ribs to fall off the bone and that is usually what I end up with. I rub my...
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    First attempt at Beef Jerky... Huge success!!!

    I have been waiting to try some home made beef Jerky for a while now and have read a ton of different recipes all over the place and decided to give it a go this weekend. I picked up 6 or seven pounds of flank steak from Costco. I went with recipe that I found on line and modified it a bit to...
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