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    Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D chips, chunks , pellets , dust ?

    Looks like you did not get any answers.  I have a 30" MB propane 2 door smoker.  I read about the smoker here and I think I got a decent one.  My opinion is you can use all.  I use a 8" skillet to hold the chips.  In my limited use I have found that if I put chips on the bottom, chunks over that...
  2. samntrllr

    Regulator mod help

    I changed out the stock hose regulator with one from Bayou Classic.  When I took it off I saw it had a connecter bushing with a very small orifice.  I did not use that with the new hose not sure if it was needed.  When I tried it out it looks like I have lost nearly all control with the...
  3. samntrllr

    Masterbuilt Propane Smoker questions "Temp control, Temp measurment"

    I am waiting on my MB 30 propane to arrive. Trying to read about all the necessary mods. Have the ET 732 on the way and have my cast iron skillet. Was reading about the benefit of adding an in line needle valve and saw Bayou has one made up for 1-10 psi. This is a replacement hose that...
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    smoked salmon and cream cheese???

    I do can fish and like it for a snack to eat with a cold beer.  I have a friend who smokes some first and then cans.  Will have to try that soon.  I do add some liquid smoke to some and that is nice.
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    smoked salmon and cream cheese???

    I have a freezer full of URB's.  Was an amazing year for sure and just might be a chance for a nice return again in 2014.  As far as salt vs. river, there can be a difference but some of the river fish are so close to coming out of the ocean it can't be much.   Some fish are just better than...
  6. samntrllr

    Hey from Oregon

    Thank you, I saw your avatar and also that you live in Bend.  I have smoked a lot of fish and want to learn the meat side.  Wore out my Big Chief, did some research and am hoping to continue to smoke the salmon I catch.  The smoker I am getting should be a good start in doing ribs and briskets...
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    Hey from Oregon

    I have already found that to be true.  I am eager to learn some of the technical things about smoking meats.   Thanks
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    Blackberry BBQ sauce

    How funny, I just joined today and can't stop reading.  I was just asking my wife how we could use the blackberry jelly we made this summer that did not jell.  Now I have a use for about 6 pints of blackberry syrup.  I might get fat learning all about my new hobby.
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    newbie propane smoker

    If you look at the thread about Masterbuilt 30" propane you will see what I was talking about.  It is an in line needle valve to give you more heat control.  Like down to 125 degrees or less.  Might be good for fish.  Some good pics of the mod.  I think it was page 5, a guy did the valve right...
  10. samntrllr

    newbie propane smoker

    I did read about that issue and have a cast iron pan I can use.  But somewhere in the reviews for this model it was stated that the regulator was cheap and might need to be replaced.  It might not be a problem.  Do you find the water capacity is adequate?  I have a lot to learn about this as...
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    Hey from Oregon

    I am waiting on my propane smoker to arrive and found this forum and think I will like it. I have smoked salmon for years and basically wore out my Big Chief and started looking for an alternative.  Decided to go with a propane smoker.  Just getting my feet wet and look forward to creating...
  12. samntrllr

    newbie propane smoker

    Buying a Masterbuilt 30" vert. propane smoker.  I had viewed a model from HD and it said it was both a charcoal and propane smoker.  I looked at the one I ordered and it does not mention that it is a dual fuel smoker.  It is the same size and looks the same, is there such a thing?  Or does it...
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