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  1. saltysandman

    Torching Meat

    i use the Searzall as well. It does have specific instructions regarding the spacing of the "shower head like diffuser" and tip of flame which may be related to any gas taste. It does take longer as it spreads the sear.
  2. saltysandman

    First Boston butt questions

    after taking out at 205, i wrap in a beach towel and leave in cooler (minimum 1 hour, maximum ive done so far is 6 hours...after midnight. lol). then right before i pull apart with my hands/fork/bearclaws (be careful still can be hot), i like using my fat separator to separate the au...
  3. saltysandman

    Help with smoking 2 butts

    butts are pretty forgiving. i do mine at 250 or 275 now. by now, you've got plenty of smoke so you could wrap and go the rest of the way at 250 or 275. i wrap mine when mine gets to 155-165 and add some apple cider/juice/bbqsauce to help braise and the pull at 205, wrap in a beach towel and put...
  4. saltysandman

    picanha - best beef?

    that's great to know.
  5. saltysandman

    picanha - best beef?

    it's so under-the-radar!
  6. saltysandman

    picanha - best beef?

    hi all, i had to share about my last smoke. i'm a big fan of youtube channel sous vide everything and i have several friends that are Brazilian. i have to agree with them that Picanha is the best cut of beef....FOR the price. if you can find it, the cost is usually less than $6/lb. It has a...
  7. saltysandman

    Inkbird IBT-6xt connection

    hi inkbird, i have the thermometer and although the app bbq go is okay, is it compatible with other apps?
  8. saltysandman

    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

    i actually agree here. did mine to 125 and after i pulled it made it's way up to 128. It was still rare. I think i will pull at 135 on my next one.
  9. saltysandman

    50th Wedding Anniversary—Prime Rib—Hickory Smoked (Panned)

    hey bearcarver. a belated congrats. Did i read your internal temperature correct of 140? pictures look a perfect medium rare? i thought medium rare is around 130.
  10. saltysandman

    year around cold smoker...inputs appreciated...

    you could also use that to dry aged some steaks. you'll have to get the humidity right though.
  11. saltysandman

    Howdy from Hazel Park, Mi

    hey enis and fellow michigander. i'm not in So. FL though. too damn cold. case in point today and yesterday. i stopped using my offset cold smoker attachment due to the smoke quality. worked well in the beginning but at some point it was creating too much white billowing smoke. for me the AMNPS...
  12. saltysandman

    Time to purge the forum

    haha you got me! you should put some admin names on there and see what happens.
  13. saltysandman

    Kroger pork butts

    that's a good find! i used to live near whitmore lake. A2! go blue! you should smoke some cheese, while it's that cold. lol
  14. saltysandman

    First smoking attempt ever pork / turkey

    no advice on turkey since i haven't tried it yet but for the butt......as previously stated, they are extremely forgiving. i've done at 225, 250 and 275 Fahrenheit. i wrap mine (crutch) in a foil pan at 155-165, drop in about a cup or so of apple juice/cider/bbq sauce and then put in my oven at...
  15. saltysandman

    inkbird thermometer

    Retail cost $39.99 used the discount code (20% off) AND checked the coupon box (another 20% off) and got it for a total of $23.99! got this: Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Digital Meat Grill Thermometer for Cooking Barbecue Oven Smoker with Dual Probes, Magnet, Timer, High and Low Alarm...
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