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  1. rybro

    Pork Tenderloin Tail

    Hey guys! Everyone ready for the holiday weekend!? I have 4 days off, so I'm very much looking forward to it. On the fourth, I'm smoking 6 Pork tenderloins for a friend in the morning, then 5 whole baby back ribs in the afternoon for my family.  I had a question when it comes to the Pork...
  2. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    Thanks guys. I must have been spoiled using my slow n sear. he he he. SO much blue smoke with that. It took about 1 hour 15 minutes to get thinner than what I posted. I'm guess I'm just an impatient person.
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  5. I've tried everything. White smoke!

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

  6. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    I'm 30 minutes into a dry run, holding at my 230 temp. Is this not dirty smoke? I'm showing what I see against a black background and the green grass. I have my top vent wide open. Bottom vent furthest away from wood open, other two closed.
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  9. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    -I've tried all 3 sets of my probes - all different manufacturers. They are all reading the same give or take a few degrees. I'm confident it's not running at a higher temp.  -I have been using water. I used water in my Slow-N-Sear and never had steam problems when it was boiling. Should I not...
  10. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    It's not green wood. No bark. I've tried just one before and 4....they all smoke almost the entire smoke regardless of the amount. I am absolutely baffled right now. I have always done that. Does't seem to make a difference in my WSM. My white smoke lasts the majority of the smoke. I have been...
  11. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    Also, whenever I take the wood out during a smoke...the white smoke stops.
  12. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    I will try tonight, but I always close off all vents after I'm done using it. There is always unlit charcoal left the next morning, meaning the lit coals were starved of oxygen.
  13. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    I do not soak my wood. Most seasoned BBQ guys tell me soaking the wood is worthless, so I've followed their advice up to this point. Not sure what you mean by cleaned/burnt out? If you mean clean the smoker...then yes I have. It's brand new, about 2 weeks old.
  14. rybro

    I've tried everything. White smoke!

    I use a chimney to get my charcoal started - Two newspaper pages under the chimney. About half a chimney. I use 3-4 chunks. I've tried Weber Cherry/Apple and Western World Hickory/Apple. I purchase these online (Amazon) and sometimes at the store (True Value, Lowes, Wal-Mart)...just depends...
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