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    Extended Warranties for MES-what would you do?

    My MES 40 died about a month short of the 3 year Assurion Sams warranty I bought with it.  It was a repair warranty and since they didn't want to ship it and didn't have anyone local to service it they're sending me a check for the original purchase price.  Went to Sams and got the new model...
  2. ryanhoelzer

    What NOT to use - Cowboy Lump

    I've read a few of these complaints over the years and never paid much attention because I had never used Cowboy.  I got some a while back because I couldn't find any Royal Oak and wish I would have checked the bag.  Last week I fired up a mix of Kingsford and Cowboys in my chimney and when I...
  3. ryanhoelzer


     “The first thing I plan to smoke if I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest is a big a$$ brisket.”  
  4. ryanhoelzer

    How much would you charge for jerky?

    I've bought from a few people on Ebay that don't seem to have any licenses.  I also mail order some of my favorite local commercials from around the country.  The cheapest is probably around $25/lb and I've paid as much as $40/lb with shipping. I get pretty close to 50% yield with 1/8".  Full...
  5. ryanhoelzer

    To split or not to split...that is the question!

    If anything you'll want to separate the point and flat.  I've found that the fat in the point renders down more when separated and I like it more that way. Here's some info on separating. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/wiki/brisket-separation-technique
  6. ryanhoelzer

    Materbuilt Products

    They in general don't have alot of their models on the web site..
  7. ryanhoelzer

    MES moisture question

    I do my jerky in the MES at around 120.  At 1/4" it does take quite a while but I've never had your moisture problems. 
  8. ryanhoelzer

    Getting ready to try making jerky in the smoker and need some clearfication

    I've used the Hi Mountain stuff alot.  I haven't tried it at a higher temp but I always dry it around 120.  Time will vary depending on the thickness. What are you smoking it in?  I have an electric element I put in the firebox of my offset or do it in the MES.  I use the AMNS either way.  Both...
  9. ryanhoelzer

    MES smokers question(s)

    The one with the window does say it's the 30". If you're trying to save money get the black one.  It might be an older model at that price though. If you're going to spend more, go up to $298 and get the new 40" at Sams.
  10. ryanhoelzer

    Oh yes you CAN fit 4 turkeys in a MES 40!!! (with Q-view)

    The S Hook idea is awesome.  That's an easy solution to something I've been thinking about.  I want to double up racks for jerky and had thought about buying the rack slides from MB but just hanging extras will work easily.
  11. ryanhoelzer

    HELP - Have pork butt ready to go & MES30 controller doesnt work - keeps blowing fuse on panel

    I don't know that I'd say common.  If it was a big enough issue there would have been a recall.  And improvements have been made in newer models..
  12. ryanhoelzer

    Masterbuilt Response

    I got a response to an email telling me to call them..
  13. ryanhoelzer

    MES 30 SS with Window vs. MES 30 Black without Window - How do they compare?

    There shouldn't be any differences.  They both have an 800 Watt element, controls should be the same.  If anything, maybe the non window unit could be better insulated?  The windows is useful once in a while but after you're into a cook a few hours you can't see much through it.  If there was a...
  14. ryanhoelzer

    Cart Modification for MES. Nice!

    Do any of you guys have the Sams part # for the stainless cart?
  15. ryanhoelzer

    watch what you buy at Sams

    I'm posting this against my better judgement, but are you a complete idiot? Do people not realize that a huge percentage of what WM and Sams sell are the exact same items as other stores? And fat people only shop at WM? AT&T is profitable.  Is that because fat people are too lazy to switch to...
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