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    Smoked Party Trays & Appetizer Ideas

    Tri tip is good, especially of you slice it into bite sized chunks and put in a tray with its juices in the bottom. Pork sliders would be good as well.  ABT's will be the hit of the party as well a some pork shots.  Hard to go wrong with a fatty as well. The sky is the limit.  We are hosting as...
  2. rowdyrawhide

    Whats your favorit scotch, rye, whisky or burbon.

    Scotch-Laphroaig             Glenmorangie             Balvenie Double Wood           not necessarily in that order             and for the cheap Famous Grouse Bourbon-Blanton's (favorite)                Woodford Reserve                 Basil Hayden                 Eagle Rare            ...
  3. rowdyrawhide

    Scarbelly Wings (Buffalo Style)

    Finally made these tonight.  AWESOME!!!!!   They were a hit with everyone, young and old. Used the creole butter recipe found here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/123175/creole-butter-recipe I can get the "creole butter" used around here, but didn't want to run to town just for that, so...
  4. rowdyrawhide

    Two butts in my WSM. Hot and Fast. My first Q-View.

    Hot and fast, injected and rubbed butts is the only way I do them now.  I usually run around 300-325,throw em on as it is warming up.  One butt is usually done in four or five hours, two in six to seven.  No more overnight smokes for PP.   BTW those look great!
  5. rowdyrawhide

    Upgrading from a Weber, what should I invest in next?

    This!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Out of the others I would go reverse flow....but that is just me.
  6. rowdyrawhide

    Enterprise Sausage Stuffer replacement tubes

    Thanks Phillip, I looked at Lehman's and the only stuffer tube I could find was too big at the base.  My base is about 1 1/2 in at the base. The cheapest one I could find is at One stop jerkey shop But most are plastic like this, the one I have is brass I am pretty sure, but it is kinda bent...
  7. rowdyrawhide

    Trimming Pork shoulder

    I try to trim as much fat as I can off of my shoulders.  There is plenty of fat inside that will have to  render as well.  I usually get compliments from people that are eating my PP for the first time about how there's not a lot of fat in it.  I don't think I ever recall anyone complaining...
  8. rowdyrawhide

    Enterprise Sausage Stuffer replacement tubes

    Just restored my families old Enterprise stuffer, and the tube is in really bad shape.  Was wondering if anyone had any good leads on a replacement tube.  How are the plastic tubes vs Stainless?  better/worse?   Thanks Aaron
  9. rowdyrawhide

    Craigslist SCORE - WSM for $40

    Man that things practically brand new! great find
  10. rowdyrawhide

    Royal Oak Lump

    I would like a little more info here.  I almost always use RO lump in my WSM and have done water and sand and have not had any trouble getting to temp if anything if you start too much it can get hot on you  and then you have to shut all of the the vents for a while to get it back down.  where...
  11. rowdyrawhide

    Ok who uses coyote?

    +1 here for sure ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  IIRC they are in every state in the US (not sure about Hawaii, but figured they have been transplanted some how,  Hell they just found a damn alligator at a lake in Kansas.  Supposedly some guy shot it and then they gave him a ticket)  I would have to agree...
  12. rowdyrawhide

    Pork belly prices?

    I stopped by one of the local butchers yesterday and was quoted $3.89/lb for pork bellies.  Is this a pretty good price, is there anything certain I want to ask for?  I am planning on making some home made bacon. Thanks  aaron
  13. rowdyrawhide

    What would Elvis smoke?

    pulled pork would get my vote as well.   I was born in '78, and my mom wanted to name me elvis, but my dad did not, so they settled on his middle name. Aaron
  14. rowdyrawhide

    new to injectors

    Here is the injection I use on my butts, it is very good. Chris Lilly's Six-Time World Championship Pork Shoulder Injection 3/4 cup apple juice 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup white sugar 1/4 cup table salt 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce Combine all ingredients and stir until sugar and salt are...
  15. rowdyrawhide

    My chicken was a little dry... Help?

    I agree that it was on there a long time.  Mine usually take around 1.5-2.5 hrs at around 275-300.  take to 165-170 in the thickest part.  I also cut out the backbone and press it out flat (this is called spatchcocking if you are not familiar with it).   I also at one time said I would never...
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