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    Do you have: Electric Hot Smoker Build Plans Including Measuremnts

    https://www.meatsandsausages.com/ Above link has several basic smoke house examples. Select smoke houses from drop down menu. From the author of the book JC referenced.
  2. rjob

    Casing life

    From Waltons inc. How Long Can I Store Natural Sausage Casings? Storage on our natural casings sits at about a year, but since it is not a manufactured product that time may vary a little. Keep them stored at 40 degrees or lower and do not freeze the casings which could damage the casings. If...
  3. rjob

    Casing life

    Syracuse Casings offers cups in various diameters . Each cup will do 20-25 pounds. Sold in quanities of three each. A bit more expensive may be another option. http://makincasing.com/product.asp?ID=9&product=Three+Resealable+Hog+Casing+Cups Quote from their casing instruction page: " Any...
  4. rjob

    Indoor commercial smoker?

    Try Cookshack - might be above your budget but it meets your specs. Purchased a SM-160 used some time ago. We are not commercial but the cooker is inside and piped outside. Unit came with the exhaust hood. Works reasonably well removing the smoke. Small fan powering hood can be challenged during...
  5. rjob

    Mincing, Chopping Utensil

    Slap chopper by PC https://www.pamperedchef.com/shop/Cooking+Tools/Fruit+%26+Vegetable+Tools/Food+Chopper/2585 Have an early version (20 years old) works great
  6. rjob

    Oil less turkey fryer

    Have one. Works great. Will never oil fry a bird again. Just like any cooker you will have a learning curve. Have cooked whole turkey, ribs, butts, prime rib. Also added a smoke tube and use a smoke pistol to apply smoke. Char broil has a user's forum check it out.
  7. rjob

    Cookshack SM 160 Thread

    From our experience the smoke was over powering. Used 6oz of hickory. Began using lesser amount until settling on 3- 4 oz. All depends on your preference. Ours has the hood which is piped outside works OK. Not great but does the job. Bought unit used - good deal with accessories and spare...
  8. rjob

    Cookshack SM 160 Thread

    Have the sm160. Smoke flavor is controlled by wood type and amount of wood used. Usually burn 3-4 oz of cherry. Flavor works for us. Meat texture and mositure is great. Just need to learn times and temperatures. Cooker is pretty much set and forget. Cookshack has information from commerical...
  9. rjob

    Wadda Ya Mean 6 Weeks

    Had knee and two hip replacements. Wish I had done replacements years earlier. Made life much better.
  10. rjob

    We now have a never ending food source for the smoker if I was brave enough to try it.

    While on a diving trip to Bonaire years ago had igunana soup. Meat was lean and shred. Tasty soup. No clue on how to clean/ prep critter. Add in a few pythons and you might never buy meat to smoke again
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    New to me Cookshack smokette

    You will enjoy the 008. One operating suggestion always check your vent and drain for obstructions prior to smoking.
  12. rjob

    New to me Cookshack smokette

    Have the SM160. You will find the unit easy to use. Follow Cookshacks recommendations for weight of wood to use. Typically use 3-4 oz of wood. Very easy to add more wood than needed. Go light on the wood and develop the smoke taste you like. Only negative parts are $$$$! Cookshack has a forumn...
  13. rjob

    Rib Racks

    Have used vertical racks for large cooks. Works well. Find the racks a bit easier for rib removal just grab and go. To prevent ribs from leaning over use long bamboo skewers between racks of ribs. If you sauce your ribs vertical racks would be an issue. We rub and no sauce.
  14. rjob

    Good BBQ place in NC

    https://www.ncbbqsociety.com/bbqmap/trail_map.html Try the above link for a bbq tour map
  15. rjob

    Liehs and Steigerwald

    Been to Heid's in Liverpool many times in the 70's while working @ the Miller Brewery. They severed Hofmann products. Which was owned by a German family, if I recall correctly. Not sure if either is still open. Decent hot dog at the time. Think they also did sausage.
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