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  1. rexster314

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    Just remember, each time you open a lid or door to the grill, if you're using the app, you MUST press the connect button at the bottom of the control panel. When you open it up, the app will disconnect
  2. rexster314

    Cleaning the MBGF 560

    I actually took my pressure washer and cleaned out the inside yesterday. Wrapped the fan and housing in plastic wrap beforehand. Blew all the buildup off, the manifold, then the grates, then did a complete burnoff and re-seasoning of the grill and grates. All of it is just a metal box
  3. rexster314

    Prime Brisket On The Masterbuilt 560

    I bought the lower grate from Joe's Grill Grates
  4. rexster314

    Prime Brisket On The Masterbuilt 560

    Total time was around 10 hours @ 230
  5. rexster314

    Cleaning the MBGF 560

    Wide putty knife to scrape the crud off
  6. rexster314

    First spare ribs on the MBGF 560

    Masterbuilt 560 Gravity Feed grill/smoker
  7. rexster314

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    Mine's on a wooden deck also. 0 problems with ash or embers.
  8. rexster314

    Prime Brisket On The Masterbuilt 560

    I had 3 probes going. One for the flat, one in the middle, one in the point. This was the final temps when I took it off the smoker.
  9. rexster314

    MasterBuilt Gravity 560!

    Wait till the 560 catches fire. You'll wish you had the app monitoring the thing then. Fires are not uncommon for these grills. Probes get destroyed, and if you don't catch it, it can turn into an inferno. I'd rather be on top of it and see how the cook is going. To each his own
  10. rexster314

    Prime Brisket On The Masterbuilt 560

    Put this on around 630 this morning. Smoking at 230 deg with hickory Looking pretty good.
  11. rexster314

    Rib eye on 560

    I've done a tomahawk ribeye, plain bone in ribeyes, NY strip steaks and have been pleased with all of them.
  12. rexster314

    Masterbuilt 560 fuel lump vs briquettes

    I've been using B&B Char Logs for the last couple of months. Pure heat, not much smoke, which lets me choose what type of smoking wood I want for the food I'm cooking
  13. rexster314

    Canadian Bacon Today

    I've had some loins not get cured in the immediate center. When cooked, the middle looks like a gray bullseye. And I like the little extra tang
  14. rexster314

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    All the lid, doors closed and latched? The switches are known to stick
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