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    Where did you get your adjustable brackets for the grates?
  2. Razyr Sharpe

    UDS progress is slow but steady

    Here are a few images...
  3. Razyr Sharpe

    UDS progress is slow but steady

    I have some brass brushes mounted on a drill. They take off the paint that has been loosened by the fire and the rust, but if the fire didn't weaken it the brushes aren't affecting it. I need to get a grinder and appropriate discs to take off the rest, especially on the lid which i purposely...
  4. Razyr Sharpe

    UDS progress is slow but steady

    I purchased two barrels over a month ago and I have been making slow but steady progress. Holes are drilled. Paint has been burned away. Have to grind and sand the more stubborn areas and the inside. Then comes mounting adjustable shelf brackets. I'm saving the charcoal basket builds for near...
  5. Razyr Sharpe

    Two stalls in the same cook?

    Has anyone ever had 2 separate and distinct stalls in the same cook? I was smoking a chuck roast. I had stalls at 153 degrees, and again at 166. What might be the cause?
  6. Razyr Sharpe

    Comment by 'Razyr Sharpe' in media 'image.jpeg'

    Seriously nice job.
  7. Razyr Sharpe

    Decals for a Smoker

    Can the magnets be customized?
  8. Razyr Sharpe

    UDS Planning Check

    This is what I want to use in mine. I don't weld, is there a way to simply screw or bolt this inside the drum?
  9. Razyr Sharpe

    Go Cocks!

    Go Cocks!
  10. Razyr Sharpe

    Hello to the group from SC

    Eric here from the Midlands of South Carolina. I just started smoking meat (on a kettle cooker) a month or so ago. I've had a few cooks, half dozen maybe, with mixed but mainly positive results. Tonight I found a couple of 55 gallon drums to turn into smokers. So I am psyched to get started on...
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