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    Johnny Trigg and Myron Mixon recipes--UPDATED!!!

    I have had Johnny's ribs at a contest that we both attended. When the turn ins were done he sliced them up and placed them in a pan and let us sample as we walked by. His ribs are good but i do not personally believe that they are any better than what i cooked at the same contest. Neither of us...
  2. pkerchef

    Who makes the best stick burner out there?

    I see no off site links in this post but i have seen them in some of the other posts in this same thread . Pkerchef
  3. pkerchef

    General KCBS Competition Questions for a Newbie

    All of the contests i have been to followed the same turn in times mentioned . You may trim the meat prior to meat inspection but you must wait till it is inspected to do any seasoning at all. I try to get the meat inspected as soon as i arrive . There is much to do on move in day. You can save...
  4. pkerchef

    Pork/Chicken Bologna - First Try Smoking Bologna

    Barbecued bologna is a staple here in the south. Many bbq joints slice it about an inch thick then smoke it the dunk it in sauce and put on a bun with slaw. Yummy
  5. pkerchef

    Competition cooking question

    That's how we do it we get them ready and hold them in a cambro until turn in time we only use one smoker to do it all this way. It is a big smoker though. Pkerchef
  6. pkerchef

    Proper way to use FB in a 250 RF? Help me!

    I start the fire with kingsford blue bag about 5 pounds maybe when this gets going i put 6 forearm sized splits on once in a criss cross pattern to allow for extra air flow. This really gets the fire going good. Then i add about 2 forearm sized splits every hour or so to maintain the temp. Do...
  7. pkerchef

    Who makes the best stick burner out there?

    Check out the bubba grills line. This is one of the most versatile rf smokers in the industry and they are a good bit cheaper than the lang. I have cooked 1200 ribeyes on mine in a single day and cooked 60 boston butts on it the next day. Made in Georgia built line a tank. Tows well and Lonnie...
  8. pkerchef

    Any competitions in north Mississippi?

    Moses the Tunica contest coming up would be a good test to see what ya got. They have a 25000 dollar purse which will definitely draw out the top teams in the country.Good luck . Pkerchef
  9. pkerchef

    Friendly Boston but compatition.

    Good luck moses let us know how it turns out ! Pkerchef
  10. pkerchef

    Home Depot is cooking something up with Kingsford

    I hope they run it on sale. I ran out of last years stock about a month ago.. When they run these sales i buy 300 pounds and put it in the shed. Pkerchef  
  11. pkerchef

    Memphis In May 2013

    Hey Neil great to see you on this forum . We are planning on coming to Memphis this year maybe. What is Too Sauced got going on this year? Pkerchef  
  12. pkerchef

    Prices For Pork Ribs In Your Area

    Around here in Mississippi the loin back prices here have gone down. Spoke with the Sam's meat guy last week. Case price for loin backs is 2.29 lb. Thinking about buying 2 extra cases and freezing for when the price spikes this summer. Pkerchef  
  13. pkerchef

    Can't seem to get baby back ribs right (UPDATE)

    I do baby backs at all the comps i do and i run the cooker at 275 for 3 hours 30 minutes. Perfect every time. Pkerchef
  14. pkerchef

    need help with brisket

    5 1/2 hours for a trimmed flat sounds about right to me. I have seen some of these comp teams do a packer in 5 1/2 hours  but they power cook hot and fast but hey works for them and they get calls doing it so i salute them. I would look for maybe a Sam's or some other big club like that they...
  15. pkerchef

    need help with brisket

    One other thing to be sure of is if you are slicing it properly always across the grain. If you slice it with the grain will be tough as shoe leather.Pkerchef  
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