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    Dust or Pellets

    I have an MES 30 with the AMNPS tray. I have never used dust for smoking but the past week I have been making dust from some of my pellet supply using the water method. When do some of you choose to use the dust over the pellets? And what is the reasoning. I live in N.E. Ohio.
  2. PAS

    My MES140 controller dead!

    Thank you! I was on the right track.
  3. PAS

    My MES140 controller dead!

    Can you tell us how the $50. plug in unit works if you DONT rewire the MES. Just what is happening. Thank you!
  4. PAS

    My MES140 controller dead!

    Thanks, I thought the PID has to be wired in so it over rides the factory controller. Still beyond my understanding.
  5. PAS

    My MES140 controller dead!

  6. PAS


    What part of the country are you in? It will eventually rust by the looks of it.
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    Pellets went out

    I have the 8 X 5-1/2" tray and after two and a half hours I checked the ribs and the pellets must have gone out soon after I put the tray in. I do cover the tray with a foil pan to prevent grease from dripping on the pellets. The thin blue smoke was there but it must of been burn off or...
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    Previous messages say to warm up the inside with a hair dryer or pot of hat water to get the temp sensor working .
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    Bear's Favorite Birthday Gift

    Happy Birthday Bear! Two months from today I will join you at 71. Stay healthy!
  10. PAS

    Turning an MES 40 into a dehydrator

    Buy some liquid smoke and have fun. Years ago I made wonderful deer jerky in the oven using it!
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    Rib Racks

    Since I have an MES 30" I have to cut the slabs in half then put them on the rib rack that has slots for 4 pieces. Works great
  12. PAS

    How to season a new MES?

    Since you bought the AMNPS, I wouldn't even use the chip tray. I didnt with mine. No oil either. Before you use if for a real smoke cover the bottom drip tray and heater cover with foil. makes for easy clean up!
  13. PAS

    First smoked turkey breast - AMAZING!!!

    I did my first bone in turkey breast with apple pellets in the a-maze-n tray. Injected with Tony Cachere's Creole butter ( This comes with an injector!) Incredibly moist! MES 30
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    MES 40" on wooden deck

    Not a problem. I built a wooden stand for my 30" and the bottom of smoker never gets hot. Also use the amazen tray.
  15. PAS

    Anyone ever use these pellets? - Char Hickory

    CHARCOAL PELLETS | Smoking Meat Forums - The Best Barbecue Discussion Forum On Earth! READ POST #5
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