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  1. oddegan

    Pecan Pie ~ Foamheart

    I believe I need SWMBO to make this for me this weekend. Looks amazing!
  2. oddegan

    Big Cook

    That all looks fantastic. Great job!
  3. oddegan

    Big Cook

    Holy cats! Pictures please!
  4. oddegan

    Is it just me?

    Some of it could be a lack of regular consumption of BBQ on your friends part. They just haven't had enough of it yet to have an educated opinion. Just roll with it and keep developing your skill and you will always be their BBQ hero.
  5. oddegan

    Back Bacon.....first attempt!

    Looking great! Homemade eggs Benedict.
  6. oddegan

    Did I mention that I LOVE my pellet grill?

    That's his giant sous vide. Can do a whole pig in that bad boy.
  7. oddegan

    Burgers from brisket trim . Civil smoker inspired .

    Hmmm. I just happen to have about 3 pounds of brisket trim in the freezer right now. Guess I know what I need to make this weekend.
  8. oddegan

    hey whats everybody doing for labor day?

    Brisket, German potato salad, grilled garlic green beans and some shrooms. Perfect 75 degrees and sunny here. That just means the rest of the week is going to be garbage but that's ok.
  9. oddegan

    Back Bacon.....first attempt!

    Fair warning. Once you start you will be making your own all the time. This is the gateway bacon.
  10. oddegan

    First Tri Tip attempt.......and fail

    What I.T. did you hit when you pulled it?
  11. oddegan

    What seasoning for pork tenderloin

    SPOG or Montreal steak seasoning if I really want to go nuts.
  12. oddegan

    Tri Tip in OKJ Highland

    Nice. Hard to beat that 140-145 final. Just about perfect. Good looking piece of cow.
  13. oddegan

    Tri Tip in OKJ Highland

    Looks amazing. What temp did you pull it at?
  14. oddegan

    A perfect summer Sunday dinner!

    Just seasoned with olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning. Pulled it from the grill at 145 and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  15. oddegan

    A perfect summer Sunday dinner!

    Thank you all. Have to say tri-tip has to currently be my favorite cut of beef.
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