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  1. nwsolarjohn

    the perfect prime rib

    I did a 7-rib 12lb prime rib for a friendâ€8482s engagement party yesterday. I smoked with oak and a little cherry and maple for 4½ hours at 225deg. The roast was at 145deg and perfect. :P The only problem was to many people, not enough roast, I was glad I did the carving so I could nibble...
  2. nwsolarjohn

    I’m so ashamed

    I did a brisket last night. I trimmed the cap, rubbed it and sit it aside to rest. About an hour latter I went out to check the smoker and it was SNOWING! I came back into the kitchen looked at the still resting brisket sitting there all happy with its rub on. (Iâ€8482m so ashamed) :oops...
  3. nwsolarjohn

    Pork Butt in a DARK BROWN ALE brine

    I did rub the butt with very little (I mean VERY little) Cajun blend :twisted: The Deschtes Brewery (Bend, Oregon) 2005 Winter Ale is VERY full bodied, nutty, dark and hoppy brew.
  4. nwsolarjohn

    Pork Butt in a DARK BROWN ALE brine

    I brined 20# of pork but an a dark brown ale for about 12 hours then smoked it. The pork was trimed and cut into 1 inch thick stripes then brined and smoked for about 6 hours. Talk about melting in your mouth.
  5. nwsolarjohn

    Whats everyone smoking this weekend???

    I have a few good friends coming over Saturday, Iâ€8482m smoking about 10# of pork shoulder, 1-12# brisket and my friend Mike is smoking a 14# turkey for a Q party this Saturday. Today (Thursday) Iâ€8482m baking the cake for a fudge ice cream cake and a few (6) cheesecakes.
  6. nwsolarjohn

    Whole Pig?

    I would like to try one about 20 to 30 pounds dressed. :? Yes I will be killing the little piggy :shock:
  7. nwsolarjohn

    Whole Pig?

    I would like to smoke a whole pig (no head, I do not like looking at the snout). I have 2 Brinkmann Smoke-N-Pit and normally smoke with cherry, apple, oak or maple. I have smoked 2 10# briskets and 15# of pork loin in 1-14 hour sitting (snoring). I need to know some ideas on preparing the...
  8. nwsolarjohn


    Give this a try for working with dig photos. The easiest photo editor I have is CompuPic the full version is $39.95. You can download the 30 day trail free at: https://www.photodex.com/secure/order.cgi?oem=0100 John
  9. nwsolarjohn

    east cheese

    I have rapped some sharp cheddar in CHEESE cloth and hung it over the flue pipe of my smoker. Makes a fine sweet smoked cheese with cherry wood. I have thought about adding a small smoke box to the chimney but have not had time.
  10. nwsolarjohn

    Hey Kids...What do you think of the Brinkman Pitmaster Delux

    I love both of my Brinkmann Smoke-N-Pit's from Wal-Mart. I got one and 2 weeks latter got one more. If youâ€8482re going to stay up all night tending the fire, make the time spent worthwhile. Did 20# of brisket, 15# of pork loin and some chicken Friday night.
  11. nwsolarjohn

    Smoking Ribs Part 2 :)

    My FALvorite finishing sauce for ribs. This sauce can be also be reduced and served on the table. INGREDIENTS: * 1 cup honey * 1/2 apple juice * 2 tablespoons cayenne * 2 tablespoons red pepper flakes :twisted: * 1 tablespoons salt PREPARATION: Mix all ingredients together. Let stand...
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