I’m so ashamed

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I did a brisket last night. I trimmed the cap, rubbed it and sit it aside to rest.

About an hour latter I went out to check the smoker and it was SNOWING!

I came back into the kitchen looked at the still resting brisket sitting there all happy with its rub on.

(Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m so ashamed) :oops:

I turning the oven on to 160 deg and slow baked it for 10 hours.
I did use my on the over smoking pan with apple wood chips. (only set the smoke alarm off once)

I am finishing it in the smoker this morning.

I hope this doesnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t jeopardize my membership to the forum, but it was SNOWING.

I swear I will not let weather deter my smoking again, but it was SNOWING.

Just an update - I built a breeze way between the house and my shop. :idea: That is now my winter smoken space.
Why, that's just. . . why that's so. . . I'M SPEECHLESS!!! Why we just oughta. . . We should. . . .

I know!! 50 lashes with a basting mop (dipped in your favorite 'que sauce of course). :lol:

Last winter I did some Beer can chickens on the ECB while it was snowing. My Bride is like "But it's snowing outside" I'm saying "Yep it sure is, the smoker's outside, the chicken is outside BUT I'M not staying OUTSIDE". If I'm smoking and the weather turns sour on me, I just pull out the e-z up and attach the side panels. About the only thing that will deter me from using the smoker in a storm is hail storms and driving sleet/rain where it feels like you're getting pelted with about a million pins and needles.

John, like I've posted here before, Go with your comfort zone, Pard. Don't make a difference what the rest of us think. . .well maybe :D
Wind is my only enemy.

EZ Up canopy, best investment ever.

WSM gets a box thrown over the top.

ECB used to have an insulator jacket from Cabela's
Bill, I had an insulated jacket for my ECB that was made from a discarded water heater insulating jacket. My ECB was stolen and later recovered but never did find my insulated cover though. Been toying with the idea of making an insulated jacket for my GOSM. . .HHHMMmmm. . . Just might have to give this some more thought- :idea:
I'll see if I still have the jacket. I got rid of the ECB, so if I have it, its yours if you want it.
Thanks Chi Bill, I sent you a PM.
Neither rain,snow,or dark of night shall stop me but I did have to build a makeshift wind break Sunday for my chicken/chicken wing adventure.The wind was blowing about 30 mph here but it was still clear and warm.The wind break really helped.I was able to keep temps up for 5 hours.I had asked about doing wings.I left them on for 3 hours and they were great.The skin was crunchy,dark brown,and the meat was tasty and juicy.Thanks for all the feed back,David
Hey Earl,
If ya figure out how to make the blanket for the GOSM how about give me a shout and let me know how you did it. Been thinking about that myself with the cold weather on the way.

I feel your pain. I can understand your shame but rejoice! There is hope! I have a friend who could could smoke with the best of them. However, one sunny day, he fired up the smoker only to experience about an hour into the process, a forming gale (this was down on the Florida coast). The sun stayed out but the wind was atrocious. He had placed two butts, a ham, three chickens and four racks of ribs into the smoker. The wind continued to build, the sand became more unruly. It was soon appearant that a plan B was needed. He refused to give in to the weather so he went into the garage and came out with a very large piece of cardboard (salvaged from a recent regrig delivery). He proped this up around the smoker in an attempt to protect it from the wind. Now as I'm sure you can imagine, this became a virtual sail with the next gust. Well, the cardboard disapeared across the street and beyond. The intake damper then recieving the gust, blew wood ashes around in the cooking chamber and settled on the meat. The friend dropped his adult beveage, flung open the cooking chamber and began taking the meat out of the smoker and into the house. You'd think this was enough but with the cooking chamber open, the wind gust carried a part of the fire into a pine needle covered flower bed which was surrounded by a redwood privacy fence. The pine needles, flowers/shrubbery, and privacy fence all burned in less than 15 minutes. The fire department finally arrived and put an end to the fire problem but the meat was now in the house and still in need of some additional smoking/cooking. The friend, stooped so low as to mix up a concoction of LIQUID SMOKE, garlic powder, onion powder and copious amounts of apple juice with which he basted the meat now in the oven. Ultimately, the meat was done and my friend declared it the best he had ever tasted. There were no obvious discenting votes. However, I suspect that if there were a private polling, there may have been some disagreement.
To make a long story short, I think you probably did the right thing by adapting up front to the poor conditions and making a clean admission. Sheer determination is a beautiful thing but sometimes it can really be a problem .... especially when the testosterone is pumping, the nostrils are flared, the jaw is set, deep and exagerated breathing is appearant a strong feeling of "It will be"!!! has taken over. (In truth, the meat was barely edible and it was very gritty with sand.)

So, my friend, it could have been worse. At least you came clean up front. Have a wonderful smoke.
Don't feel so bad. 2 weeks ago I smoked some venison roast in a snow storm where we ended up with 6 inches. Here in Minnesota you can't let the weather get in the way. But I sure burned up the charcoal! I can't wait till spring. Happy smoking! Heidi
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