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    Looking for Thermometers for my smoker doors

    Which thermometers do ya'll recommend for the door on my smoker I'm building. I'm looking at some on Amazon you can get two 3" face for around $15.00. Just wondering if these are worth the money to start off with and then upgrade? Similar to the one in pic.
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    120 gallon smoker build

    hhhhI got me a 120 gallon propane tank. A 50 gallon hfair fwu tank. Some b metal and an old trailer. Here’s where I’m at so far. Suggestions appreciated. I’m going to cut the fire box off a make the hole where it attaches to the tank bigger as you can see it is needed. Gonna cut some length...
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    Looking for Pecan wood in S Ga

    thanks for the replys
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    Looking for Pecan wood in S Ga

    I am looking for a place in S Ga to come get a load of Pecan logs from time to time. If anyone could help me out with maybe an old orchard that needs the trees gone I’ll come up with truck and trailer and get to cutting. Prefer within a 3 -4 hour drive from Daytona.
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    Keeping pork moist after the cook?

    I'm referring to setting up my cooker on the roadside and selling sandwiches. To keep the pork moist for the day while waiting on customers, I figure putting the pork in Ziploc bags and in a foil pan and open as needed would probably be my best bet???
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    Keeping pork moist after the cook?

    Newbie question here but when I cook a large amount of pulled pork what’s the best way to keep it moist once it’s done and ready to go? Do I pull the butts apart as needed or ?
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    Starting to build me a cooker!

    I it’s steel just a blurry pic...It’s an old propane tank. The other is off an air compressor. Both are good and thick.
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    Starting to build me a cooker!

    Fixing to start my build...just out of curiosity do y’all recommend an offset or reverse flow smoker and why. Probably gonna use the smaller tank for a grill or another small offset for the backyard.
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    Howdy from Flarduh

    How everyone? Just found this site...looks pretty cool. Looking forward to some good times to come. A little bout me. I like to hunt, fish and have recently found a new love of the Q. I have an electric smoker that I’m having fun with and I’m fixing to build myself an offset stick burner...
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