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  1. meatpacker

    Re-Mod to my MES 30...

    Why would you want to remove it? Cleaning?  I may do the mod but I think I will install it with a track to slide it out to clean.
  2. meatpacker

    Re-Mod to my MES 30...

    Dave could you have flanges the flashing and pop riveted it to the top
  3. meatpacker

    AMNPS Elevator Shed

    How did you attach the bolts?
  4. meatpacker

    AMNPS Elevator Shed

    I was thinking of something similar but going above the rack about 4-6 inches to build a roof as well
  5. meatpacker

    AMNPS Elevator Shed

    When using my amnps in my MES I usually have to use a extra rack to elevate it off bottom of smoker and then place foil on the next rack to prevent juices from falling onto pellets. I was thinking of making a device that I could make to elevate it and cover the top without using racks. I'm...
  6. meatpacker

    Water leaking from the back left side of MES 30"

    I wonder if it was the tube (cracked or not long enough) But again how did water get into the bottom unless it was spilled. The picture seems to show that the so called water was not clear therefore it might be juices. Might try a catch pan directly under the meat preventing it from reaching...
  7. meatpacker

    Temperature Probe

    I checked and I too believe the recipe is wrong. Checking other recipes it seems the cooked temp would be 135 -145 depending on rare or well done
  8. Temperature Probe

    Temperature Probe

  9. meatpacker

    Temperature Probe

  10. Cook 011.jpg

    Cook 011.jpg

  11. meatpacker

    Temperature Probe

  12. meatpacker

    Temperature Probe

    I cooked a roast on my today on my MES. It was maybe 2 inches thick. I inserted probe at beginning of cook but have since read that I should wait till late before inserting probe. The thing is the instructions were to cook at 210 for 3 hours and at that time I should expect the internal temp to...
  13. meatpacker

    Brown Bag Brisket

    I just read a article about no fuss brisket cook and it got me to wondering. Has anyone ever tried a two part cook using a turkey or large browning bag coupled with a regular grill smoke?  I'm just not sure where it would be best to start.  I might even do a 3 part cook using the browning bag in...
  14. meatpacker

    How Many Mes Owners Here?

    I just bought a new 40 with window and bluetooth. Have only smoked a big chicken for Christmas but so far I like it. I found that the guys on here are a big help. I also bought the AMNPS which I used and kept burning after I left it in the MES during warm up. I'd love to do a brisket but not...
  15. meatpacker

    small brisket cook time question.

    Always make a habit of keping bullion cubes in your pantry that way you will always have broth
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