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    How to cut-n-paste text from Word into a post???

    I am unable to determine how to cut-n-past text from my wordprocessor (Word) into a post - AND have the text and formatting remain the same. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Should my Word file be formatted to match this forum's fonts/conventions?  If so, what are they? Many thanks.
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    Masterbuilt/SMF Contest - MES-40 Up for Grabs!!

    THE BABY BACK BIBLE SMOKING BABY BACK RIBS USING THE 2-1-.5 HOUR METHOD THE RIBS:  Buy fresh Baby Backs from a butcher – NEVER buy vacuum packed Supermarket ribs.  They are pumped with a 12-24% sodium solution and taste mushy.  Ensure the membrane is removed.  The butcher will normally do...
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    Ribs Glazed 3-2-1 Qview

    FYI - The McRib Locator was recalled by the manufacturer due to serious software and hardware issues.   Try a McSausage or McHaggis search. "It's your ship."
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    Ribs Glazed 3-2-1 Qview

    I have never found Magic Dust (MD) to be hot.   Odd.    It is a useful combo.   I even made excellent ground chuck hamburgers with it two days ago. I use about 1/4 lb ground per patty.   I gently open and spread the meat across a sheet of foil.   I then apply a light dusting of MD, garlic...
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    Ribs Glazed 3-2-1 Qview

    Thanks to DeanNC - Mod follows AMBROSIA RIB GLAZE RECIPE 4 Tbs (1/4 cup) margarine ½ cup of Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet 'N Spicy BBQ sauce 1/2 cup honey (can try 50/50 honey/maple syrup) 1 Tbs brown sugar 1/8 tsp plus a little extra cayenne pepper ½ tsp Magic Dust (search for this recipe- It's...
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