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  1. kennymn

    Hi from Minnesota

    Hi David  , welcome to the family !
  2. kennymn

    The Smoking Meat Pantry

    measuring spoons and cups  ( for sauces and rub recipes )
  3. kennymn

    How many years have you been smoking?

    about 5 yrs TOTAL 369 yrs + 7 months
  4. kennymn

    Noob from Saint Michael, MN

    Welcome to the SMF family CCG , It's a great site with endless smoking recipes . By the way I'm your neighbor I live in Abertville .
  5. kennymn

    The Wife Made It w/Total Knee Replacement

    The easy part is over now ( surgery ) the rehab sucks . Had 2 surgerys on one knee ( put in used parts ) stronger now than the other good knee ! " DO YOUR EXCERISES "
  6. kennymn

    Greetings from tropical MN

    Welcome to the SMF family
  7. kennymn

    Increase range of wireless thermos

    Thanks for the reply !
  8. kennymn

    Increase range of wireless thermos

    Very interesting mod. for a wireless thermo , would this mod. work on all wireless thermo ? which model is this one ? THANKS
  9. kennymn

    Insulating A Gosm?

    Hi Hookman - I insulated my GOSM about 2 1/2 years ago and I leave it on year round , plus I built a 3 sided and top wind break ( collapsible ) for it now Minnesota weather dosen't brother me at all . The insulation I bought at Home Depot , it has foil on one side and comes in 4' x 8' x 1"...
  10. kennymn

    Where are you from Poll

    Lived must of my life in Albertville and St.Michael , about 20 miles nw of the twin cities .
  11. kennymn

    who's everyone rooting for this weekend?

    The Vikings have been this far before and they left there fan's crying in there towels. I just hope it's a good game either way , someone will win and someone will lose !
  12. kennymn

    Hello from MN

    Hi Jason , and welcome to the SMF family , your out my back door ( Albertville )
  13. kennymn

    Smoking Meat Book - I Need Great Recipe Submissions

    Congratultions Jeff, looking forward for the the release of the first edition of your book ( and signed ) LOL
  14. kennymn

    Test Your BBQ Knowledge

    8 out of 10 with three stiff E & J & waters !!!
  15. kennymn

    Any Minnesotans up for a get together?

    Thanks for the invite , but working at the gun range that weekend .
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