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    Thank you guys. Many old friends offering help. Long time for me. WILL give those things a try. Keep Smokin! Danny
  2. kc5tpy


    HELLO Bear. Long time. I hope you and yours are well. Using wood I can't "ramp it up". But we are on the same page. Only solution I can think of.
  3. kc5tpy


    Ok. Some of you newer members MUST have something to add. Have a read through. FUNNY stuff.
  4. kc5tpy


    HEY! This is getting better. Break out the smoker AND the welding tools! WIN! WIN! LOL! :)
  5. kc5tpy


    Thanks kit. Hadn't thought of the torch.
  6. kc5tpy


    Hello banderson. YES! That is what I meant, the broiler. I have been away from home for 18 years. They call it a grill here. Same thing. I just couldn't remember. I can't see a better way. Maybe someone knows better. Thank you. Keep Smokin! Danny
  7. kc5tpy


    Hello all. Trying to crawl back into the land of the living. Good to be back here. Thinking of trying a duck in the smoker. Id think I got the smoking method down but I would like to crisp the skin. All I can come up with is pull the duck early; salt the skin and sling it in a screaming hot...
  8. kc5tpy


    Hello.  I debated posting this but have received a couple PM's and text messages and many of you were kind to her.  It can be debated whether this is the appropriate place to post.  I am posting here because I know many of you know her and without the help of my best friend I could not have...
  9. kc5tpy

    Doing my first brisket - not hopeful

    Hello.  Looks good to me!  mike5051 is correct.  FINE line.  I have done brisket for years but each one is different.  I follow the same basic steps for each brisket but sometimes it is "slice perfect"; other times it is fall apart.  I firmly belive it is the meat you start with.  I DO NOT...
  10. kc5tpy

    2017 Smokers Weekend

    Hello Folks.  I am glad to hear there will be so much new blood this year.  Wish I could meet all of you.  Hpefully next year. No Wade, not Queing for the wedding; they chose a caterer.  My own fault though; the new Daughter-In-Law has not had good smoked food yet.  I plan to invite them over...
  11. kc5tpy

    Smokin Weekend

    Hello.   Sorry Guys.  I can't make that weekend.  Step-Son getting married.  I tried to talk them in to the reception at the campsite; but no deal.  This will be the first one I miss but we all can't make it every year.  Have fun!  Take photos! To be honest I am only seeing 2 members reply...
  12. kc5tpy

    2017 Smokers Weekend

    Hello.  Sorry Guys.  I can't make that weekend.  Step-Son getting married.  I tried to talk them in to the reception at the campsite; but no deal.  This will be he first one I miss but we all can't make it every year.  Have fun!  Take photos!  Keep Smokin! Danny
  13. kc5tpy

    2017 Smokers Weekend

    Hello.  Where do I sign up for the 10 course meal?  Can I still be a judge?  I wanna judge best wildebeast haunch!   Keep Smokin! Danny
  14. kc5tpy

    It's been a while but 1st smoke done - comments/guidance please!

    Jim.  Hello.  Welcome!  I am sorry you have not had a response before now. That food looks GREAT to me!  Fine job.  My invitation must have been lost in the mail.   Offsets:  Well they fall into 2 catagories.  Cheap and custom made.  I have used them and built them for years.  I could never...
  15. kc5tpy


     I TOTALLY agree Bear!  FAT IS A GOOD THING!!! Thanks guys for the advice.  I have that turkey stock I made so a little of that "SHOULD" keep it moist.  If you guys think the sliced turkey will take smoke I'll give it a try; IF I get the weather.  Merry Christmas to you all. Danny
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