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    whats everyone cooking for the big game

    my family insists that I make taquitos  so I'm going to smoke the chuck roast and chicken and make the taquitos from the smoked meat.   I'd love to try those chicken cherry bombs
  2. kathleen gefre

    whats everyone cooking for the big game

    has anyone tried the chicken cherry bombs  Jeff posted   they look really good (light on the habanero)  but I hate trying anything new on my picky-picky family. 
  3. kathleen gefre

    Pecan smoked pork shoulder

    Looks amazing  going to do a little smoking my self this weekend but was thinking of trying lamb.   Last time I did it  I didn't care for smoke flavor  it seemed the lamb took on too much smoke  Any one have any suggestions.   I have some great shanks in the freezer  Anyone have any experience.
  4. kathleen gefre

    Blueberry-Cherry Rub on Spares: Q-View

    Erik  I love the sound of the rub ingredients   do you think if you had fresh blueberries and cherries etc..  you could make a wet rub with it?   I'm sure if I look hard enough I'll find dried blueberries I've just got some fresh ones that are on the verge of being too ripe.   Just wondering?
  5. kathleen gefre

    Lovin' The Fatties, Italian Style (Q-View)

    I need some help with my chickens   I usually just stuff the cavities with lemons garlic and rosemary  but I'm getting bored.  any ideas 
  6. kathleen gefre

    My take on a Surf and Turf Fatty...... (pic heavy)

    You had me until the linquine went in.   I'm thinking no on the pasta part.   but a BIG   yeah baby on the rest
  7. kathleen gefre

    Birthday Burger Dogs!!!

    sure looks amazing   I think I'll try it but instead of cutting up the dog I think I'll make the burger by wrapping in around the hot dog and serve It on a hot dog bun I guess that would make it a dog burger instead. of a burger dog    Thanks for sharing  Great ideas in any event 
  8. kathleen gefre

    My 1st Brisket

    Good advice.  Unless you've trimmed it down to no or almost no exterior fat  you'll have juices that are just too fatty (TOO FATTY  did I say that in my outside voice)  anyway,  nice to get a little bit of a sear that will happen from being on the grate to start with.   I put mine over the...
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    Try some with Jeff's rub,  My family like's hot so I add a lot of cayenne  and they dissappear.
  10. kathleen gefre

    fresh pork leg

    Oh Dave  thanks for the hints  I'm so excited to try that out.  I may be doing it this weekend so I'll let you know how it turns out. 
  11. kathleen gefre

    fresh pork leg

    I bought a fresh pork leg because it was 99 cents a lb.  What should I do with it.   I was thinking of just using the rub and smoking it but I'm not sure how long    any thoughts or suggestions  its about 8 plus pounds
  12. kathleen gefre

    Equipment Question

    Hi Everybody I have a vacation house at the beach in Mexico and desperately need advise on what kind of equipment to buy to bbq and smoke down there because the salt/sea air destroys everything  I don't want to buy new equipment every year  Any ideas about what stands up to the elements the...
  13. kathleen gefre

    Newbie Needs Step by Step Instructions for Smoking a Turkey in a 30" Masterbuilt Electric

    I've never brined my turkeys but everyone says that's the way to go.  I usually use butter or mayo to make the rub stick. when I use a rub.  Just be sure to season the inside and out of the bird well with what ever seasonings you like.   I start my bird out breast side up and half way through...
  14. kathleen gefre

    Newbie Needs Step by Step Instructions for Smoking a Turkey in a 30" Masterbuilt Electric

    Hi  Ted  My Names'  Kathleen and I'm a smokeaholic
  15. kathleen gefre

    First Abt's Q-View

    Those look great.  I have often wondered if the cheese mixture was made ahead of time and placed in the freezer for a little hile to make it very. very cold, it might make it goey and good by the time they're done but reduce the risk of loosing it to oozing.   Just wondering.
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