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  1. joshgrillinlawn

    Sparerib Saturday.

    They were saint Louis style from the store.
  2. joshgrillinlawn

    Sparerib Saturday.

    The ribs turned out really good. I normally smoke them nekid till the end. However since Indycar was in St Louis last night. I decided to sauce then KC style! They turned out really good, made a there cheese Mac n cheese from scratch! Came out really good.
  3. joshgrillinlawn

    Sparerib Saturday.

    Hello all, Decided that Saturday is a perfect day to make spareribs. I got two racks, with Famous Dave's rib rub. Smoking then with apple and hickory, my personal faves. I'm going to also try my hand at more traditional cooking, (which I actually do when I'm home.) A three cheese creamy Mack...
  4. joshgrillinlawn

    Hello from Oregon!

    Hello everybody, So I first joined this group a couple years ago and I haven't posted in a really long time. I used to live in NC but have moved back to Oregon, my home state. I cut my smoking teeth using a Weber kettle grill using the snake method. Then about a year ago I discovered the Slow n...
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    Maiden sparib voyage

    Jayace, thanks man, I'll have to check em out. Josh.
  6. joshgrillinlawn

    Maiden sparib voyage

    Well, they're done. They turned out pretty good. My dad thought they were awesome. Overall I'm happy, but I'm gunna start looking for rubs, or making my own rubs, that are low on sugar and low on salt!
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  8. joshgrillinlawn

    Maiden sparib voyage

    5 hours in. I sauced em, using sweet baby Ray's honey BBQ sauce. An hour longer, an we should be done!
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  10. joshgrillinlawn

    Pulled Pork Weekend!

    Man, that looks good!
  11. joshgrillinlawn

    Maiden sparib voyage

    :laugh1:Trust me, only my wife sees me in that condition. Ha-ha, poor thing. Now back to them ribs.
  12. joshgrillinlawn

    Maiden sparib voyage

    I forgot to mention, in smoking with hickory and apple. And I'm smoking the ribs nekid for the whole six hours! Josh. Stupid auto correct.
  13. joshgrillinlawn

    Maiden sparib voyage

    Here they are coming out of the fridge from over night. I was gunna put the trimmings on with the ribs, buy Biddy, these ribs are ginormous! Smoke on!
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