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    JohnnyBigSmoke is glad to be back and has some big news!!!

    It's been such a long time since I've logged on that I felt compelled to drop by roll call to say "Hi" to all you smokaholics out there! I originally signed up as an aspiring restaurant owner who wanted to learn more about the art and science of smoking deliciousness. With the help of everyone...
  2. J

    Pop's Original Bacon-On-A-Stick Wet Brine Method!

    Hey Pops, i had a question about your brine... Every brine I've used in the past requires boiling. Is it the same with this one or can I use it as soon as all the ingredients are dissolved? I'm really looking forward to the bacon on a stick; can't believe I waited so long to try this!!! I...
  3. J

    My best ribs yet w/ ABT's & Qview

    That is a very impressive smoke ring... Kudos!!! The Mac and Cheese looks fan-freaking-tastic!!! Good show and thanks for the qview!!! 
  4. J

    I survived the state championship

    Kudos on a job well done!!! Sounds like you had a blast, which is key... What was the rub on the brisket and pork shoulder? It all looks very tasty!!!
  5. J

    Fried Potato and Ham Stuffed Breakfast Fatty

    Bwaaahahahahhahahahaaaa!!!! Pass the ketchup??? Priceless!!! Cowgirl, the fatty looks awesome!!! Kudos on a job well done!!!
  6. J

    Butts and first time Brisky...

    Thanks a bunch WALLE!!! I'd be lucky if my batch turns out half as good as yours!!! -Johnny
  7. J

    what cut for pulled pork?

    You will definitely find this thread helpful: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/57139/basic-pulled-pork-smoke Good luck and happy smoking!!! Johnny K.
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    Monday's Pulled/Chopped pork w/qview

    Canada agrees!!! Looks tasty!!!
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    Seasoning the outside of a smoker??? Input please!!!

    Thanks a whole bunch everyone!!! I thought that sounded odd and I'm glad I didn't end up glazing my new toy like a Christmas ham... First smoke is this weekend. Qview coming soon!!!
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    And they call this Barbequed Ribs...rediculous!

    SQWIB... I have a confession as well... I used to boil my ribs too!!! To top it off, I never knew that a membrane could be removed... Terrible... In all fairness, I also used to drink from a bottle, poop in my pants, eat sand, throw temper tantrums and cry uncontrollably... Then my father...
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    Smoked Pork Risotto

    That looks absolutely fantastic!!! I can almost taste it... Almost...
  12. J

    Nice Pulled Pork& Ribs w/QView

    Looks fantastic!!! Good job on the smoke!!! I love the colour you got on that picnic... Just the way i like it!!!
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    Pulled Pork and Brisket Green Chili Chimichangas

    They look fantastic!!! I could totally dig on one of those bad boys right now!!!
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    Butts and first time Brisky...

    Very nice looking rig you got there!!! Go big or go home, eh??? That bread looks fantastic! I went looking for the recipe in the bread forum but could not find it... Do you think you can put up a link? I love sourdough and I'm aching to make some fresh sammies!!! 
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    Sunday Smoke for my brother

    I bet you can really taste that oak the next day! Looks like a very successful smoke!!!
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