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    Damn, Life is Really Flinging Feces

    Great news John! Very happy for you. I sure get the life flinging crap at you thing lately.
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    Glove Recommendation

    Same here all. I use the welding gloves for anything hot non food contact and thick disposable gloves for pulling and touching food.
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    Chipotle adobo cured bresaola from a Teres Major muscle

    Looks great. Sounds delicious. Charcuterie is high on my list of retirement hobbies.
  4. jcam222

    Feb. 2021 Fiocco di Prosciutto is ready...

    Makes sense , just takes awhile for me to wrap my head around it :)
  5. jcam222

    Fermented Habanero Garlic sauce

    Why would you not use in your hot sauce? I know overuse in soups and gravies can leave a slimy mouthfeel. In the low quantities needed to prevent separation in the hot sauce I cannot detect it.
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    Featured Big Beautiful Beef

    Nailed it John!! Those dino ribs are addictive
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    Another CI skillet.

    Not to hijack your thread Steve but enough Yellowstone lovers in here , this is coming Dec 18th.
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    Fermented Habanero Garlic sauce

    I have a closet in a downstairs guest bedroom that is my ferment area. The whole room has that delicious ferment funk
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    Fermented Habanero Garlic sauce

    Fermenting is a riot. A dedicated forum might make sense.
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    Another CI skillet.

    Steve that is awesome! I love Yellowstone and 1883. Can’t wait for the new prequel on Dec 18th too. Also love the new show by the same producer Tulsa King.
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    More veggies in the works.

    I know on my batches of kraut once you rest it salted then work it real good it generates enough brine. This big batch was a little iffy but after a day was fine as it generated more overnight.
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    Fermented Habanero Garlic sauce

    Yep what @indaswamp said
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    Fermented Habanero Garlic sauce

    Most of my pepper ferments that go at least 3 weeks are around 3.4 +/- 0.2 I still add some white vinegar in most my blends to offset any change in PH from other ingredients I might add when finishing. Usually that’s only around 1/4 cup to 2 quarts sauce. Sometimes I’ll add more as I adjust to...
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    Fermented Habanero Garlic sauce

    I do not. I make sure my PH is good and low which to me is good enough. I still refrigerate for safety. Many people do pasteurize though.
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    I Made Bear's Peanut Butter Meltaways (A Few Pics)

    Looks great!! These would be dangerous for me haha, even Keto’d up I’d eat a bucket full a day!