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    Where to Buy Brisket (and other meats) in Charlotte area

    Hey neighbor, I'm in Rock Hill and I buy 99% of my briskets at the W-mart. The stores around here carry 2 kinds, select and choice. The easy way to tell the difference is the choice ones have blue printing on the cryovac and the selects are black printing. Mixed up in the same case and all...
  2. Hijack73

    random thought question

    Thank you. I'm a long way from having the desire to cure like that tho. You guys make it look so interesting but curing chambers and the like are strictly in the look but don't touch category for me 😂
  3. Hijack73

    Smoking a brisket point only for burnt ends Tips

    I don't do burnt ends often but I prefer to cube the point chilled or at least cooled down to 'solid' Point is forgiving, and it's a lot easier than 'it's done when it's done.' For this application it doesn't have to be probe tender on the initial cook as you're going to render it pretty far...
  4. Hijack73

    random thought question

    What would an uncured salami or pepperoni be? Just a brat? I don't much care for any salami that I've ever tried, but I can hurt myself when it comes to pepperoni. I'm the guy who won't often buy much of it because I'll sit there and eat it with cheese and green olives like it's a healthy...
  5. Hijack73

    Annual fall Roux time!

    Inda I grew up in Louisiana, and I do all of my roux in the oven now. I've only burnt one out of the last dozen or so. Cast iron skillet, fat, flour, 350. Stir with my trusty wooden spatula about every 15 mins. Takes longer sometimes, but about 50 mins minimum. I figure the time...
  6. Hijack73

    finishing sauce

    I don't like the taste of alcohol anymore - odd for someone who once looked at a six pack as something to drink on the way home from the liquor joint so I have moved to fruit juices for intricate flavors without the wine or whiskey flavor. What I'd do in a heartbeat with something like that...
  7. Hijack73

    Featured Build after nearly 3 years of use

    There are smokers that people build that are functional without design, then there are builds that I've seen that are works of art, and are a nightmare to run. If yours functions even half as well as it looks, then it's both, as it couldn't look any better. Even the tools on the side and their...
  8. Hijack73

    Not the typical Brisket thread - long ramble

    They happen once in a while. Shame you had to share but this is how legends are born lol!!!! I hate it when a brisket gets done way ahead of schedule. I'm a low guy so I always plan on 16 hours MINIMUM knowing I can crutch it if is stubborn and hold it 8 if it's early, but when they are done...
  9. Hijack73

    Beef about potatoes

    I use a pretty aerated woven basket that sits on a slat shelf specifically for taties. It's no longer helping. Airflow isn't a problem. Ceiling fan runs quite a bit too in the kitchen. I had a theory that the supply chains were saturated but with the shelves being emptied of - well -...
  10. Hijack73

    Time to smoke Pastrami...

    My local Wmart had 3 Saturday at 2.69 lb, all 3 were gimpy little things that weren't very shapely and had thick caps so I passed but the corned beef craving was awakened at the sight of 2.69 pre virapocalypse they were at 2.49 so I'm really hoping this weekend has at least 1 at 2.69 with less...
  11. Hijack73

    Avatars and Usernames

    Mine is a shortening of what some of my prospecting buddies used to call me - HibankerJack and I was born in 73. A hibanker is a small wash plant used in gold mining/prospecting. Avatar is a couple of small NC/SC pickers.
  12. Hijack73

    Injection question

    I went low carb 4-5 years ago for 18 months. I used a couple of the diet versions of juice they had for spritzing as I usually had a bottle in the fridge. Pork I like 3 parts juice to 1 part AC vinegar. I was healthier on low carb for sure, and really felt better. Injection I'd use the same...
  13. Hijack73

    Is It Just Me...?

    For me - it's the exact opposite. I detect the distinct unpleasantness of a phenominon known as warmed over flavor. Not all meat hits me with it - but anything cooked to less than well done (steak) or ground but not cured (burgers and meatloaf UNLESS I cook the meatloaf to a very high internal...
  14. Hijack73

    An Elusive cut of meat has been spotted in Northern Vermont

    I don't see them in my part of SC either. I'm 10 miles outside of Charlotte NC and I've seen only a few and those were at a store that's gone out of business. I worked in a steakhouse that shared a meat room with a small grocery store/butcher shop once back in Arkansas, and our meat cutter...
  15. Hijack73

    Kippered Beef

    I just put about a lb and a half in some wet brine. Strips of a rump roast I've had for about a month in the freezer cut between a half inch square to 5/8 square. Small roast because I've never had this stuff come out right. I'll follow up in about 6 days. 1/2 gallon water, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4...
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