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    Baby Back Ribs First Time Help......

    I follow a basic 3-2-1 on my Traeger 075.  Light mustard coating, my competition rub, sit overnight in the fridge, a light dusting of fresh rub before tossing them on the smoke, hit them at 225 for three hours, then 190 for two, wrapped in foil, then sauce three times in the last hour at 225.  I...
  2. greendrake

    The Greek Fratty

    Hi guys, yes, I love this one too.  The Tzatziki sauce is for topping once you slice a piece off, you dump the sauce on top.  I love it garlicky, so I used a whole bulb.  there is nothing else you need to know about the sauce, it's very simple and absolutely delicious.  I made one for a friend I...
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    Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf...OMG

    I was thinking of a gian juicy lucy next, maybe stuffing it with jalapenos and gorgonzola.  You know, healthy stuff.
  4. greendrake

    Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf...OMG

    It tasted more like a juicy cheeseburger, with the fat from the ground chuck and the cheese and bacon inside....with a ketchup/mustard bark on it....man, I want to go make anothe one.  Definitely fun to try out and make for a football game  or guests.   
  5. greendrake

    The Greek Fratty

    Bama, not much other than some rub on the lamb and a container of feta I sprinkled all over it before I rolled it up into a log to be wrapped in bacon.  This is one of my faves because I love feta and tzatziki sauce so much.  I like the sauce to sting, with loads of garlic.  This is one way to...
  6. greendrake

    Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf...OMG

    A meatloaf on smoke is just a big burger with some egg and breadcrumbs really.  I think this only took about two and a half hours, again I hit it with just the smoke setting for a while, so outside temp affects this.  I then bump it up to 225 to finish.  I don't have any pics of the sliced...
  7. greendrake

    Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf...OMG

    So my son wanted cheeseburgers and my wife wanted meatloaf...okie dokie, I can do this. 1lb lean beef 1.5lb ground chuck 1lb cooked crumbled bacon 1/2 lb shredded cheese 1 cup bread crumbs 2 eggs any seasonings you like, mix all this up and add a half cup of the mustard ketchup mix...
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    The Greek Fratty

    Not sure if I posted it here yet but I wanted to share with you guys, easy easy easy....and will knock your socks off.  2lbs ground lamb - put in ziploc and flatten out, cut away bag One container feta, roll into log 1lb bacon weave, season and wrap around lamb log Season and wrap in saran...
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    How to spatchcock chicken

    I haven't done mine over direct heat, I use my Traeger 075 for just about everything.  I do have a Kamado Joe now, so I have been playing with indirect and direct heat for sear and char lately.  Nothing is as juicy as a smoked spatch though, thinking about spatching a turkey this weekend.
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  13. greendrake

    Comp chicken testing...we think we have a winner

    I agree.  Besides, we weren't too thrilled with our chicken, we wanted more smoke in it.  Here's a shot of the turn in box.  We brought up samples for the judges after turn in and the master judge came over to share her thoughts on it, said it was fantastic and that although unorthodox in...
  14. greendrake

    Comp chicken testing...we think we have a winner

    Ok guys, we thought we were in great contention with our butt, brisket and ribs, chicken being our weakest.  the competition was so much fun...what a great time.  We even had a groupie hanging out at our area all night, I won't go into what happened there for the sake of keeping it clean and on...
  15. greendrake

    Comp chicken testing...we think we have a winner

    The competition is this coming weekend, Father's Day.  Here's the website and all the teams www.smokinidaho.info   He even posted a declaration from the governor on the page, ha .  Should be a blast, the weather looks amazing, we are ready for this.  Just finished rib testing this weekend...
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