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  1. glennmc

    The remains of my first attempt at smoking for a group

    Agree with CrankyBuzzard - 3 butts can render a half-gallon of grease.  Messy, but I bet it was spectacular!
  2. glennmc

    96x30" trailer build

    ...and you built that in a weekend?  Looks fantastic.  'spose looking at the shop, wow, tools and equipment can make quite a difference.  Know how too, of course.
  3. glennmc

    Thoughts on Pricing for Smoking

    You know Mr. bahfolt I did not pick that up and you are correct.  $6 - wish I could pay that for staff per hour. Also the $5 insurance - what's the calculation on that one? Mr. plasticporter you are correct about left-overs - good promo items.  Check out "Taste of the Town" type events. ...
  4. glennmc

    My first BIG cook.

    I agree SxFxZ - I don't have a smoker -quite- that big but the design is relatively easy to fab and works well.
  5. glennmc

    Advice on a new smoker (Lang)

    Boy, this question could ignite a holy war. Personally, we do not use reverse flow smokers.  Seems to us that is pretty much an oven with a wood stove hung on the side; meaning that temp is controlled by restricting air flow to the fire (like a wood stove) rather than the size of the fuel...
  6. glennmc

    BBQ plates at a church festival

    Mike your $6.00 is a steal.  Don't worry about the other guys, you are better than a dog/burger.  Just have fantastic a fantastic product and -they- will be the ones with left-overs.
  7. glennmc

    Head to Head: Brine Vs Dry Cure

    You know Disco I have done tons (literally) of Carolina style pulled pork but I may just have to try this...
  8. glennmc

    Thoughts on Pricing for Smoking

    Hey T4 do not give up on the flat rate so soon!  The 3x yardstick is a good minimum but 4x is obviously better.  Even more important in a catering business is wastage and left-over control -- which translates to volume.  For example we booked a string of 21 summer Friday night street concerts...
  9. glennmc

    First Catering Tasting

    Hey echos great job as well. At the same time do not ignore Chef Jimmy J's advice about insurance, health dept., etc., etc.  We are just starting to provide cooked meat to other people (caterers, restaurants) and my insurance guy is having a cardiac.  If you are smoking in the back yard and...
  10. glennmc

    Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

    I was wondering if that price meant they were going to/had stopped production.  So that's the story?  End of an era...
  11. glennmc

    Catering for 100 people need a little help

    3Montes is on target I would say.  I have used Sam's pork butts (Maryland - don't know where you are) and they have been either Smithfield (recently) or IBP and they have been good.  Not sure I get quite 40% shrinkage, 30%-35% is my experience but won't argue that number.  Would be nice to find...
  12. glennmc

    422 gallon tanks - reverse flow build

    My first reaction was WOW, wish I had that much space to build a smoking operation in!  As long as your stacks go outside the building I suppose you would be OK.  However, have you checked with the building code and the inspectors?  Don't know how such things are handled over there, but over...
  13. glennmc

    422 gallon tanks - reverse flow build

    Lovelife, think about how you are going to use the smoker as well.  That tank is over 11 -feet- long and nearly 3 feet wide.  You could get -what- 28 or 30 pork butts in there?  Do you smoke that much?  The fuel requirements alone are going to be huge to get (and keep) a reasonable temperature...
  14. glennmc

    Event season 2016 is gonna be busy

    Four20 - when you say the season is "going to be busy" was that a passing comment or do you actually see more bookings?  I'm up almost 30% in booked events and even with the election year that's a big boost.  I've been wondering if other areas (I'm mid-atlantic) are seeing the same?  Started...
  15. glennmc

    Squadron Family Day/ Meadow Creek TS250 Smoker

    I agree with Foamheart. (BTW, how does Foamheart jive with Hephaestus?) Cook your pork ahead of time and 'fridge (or freeze if the event is aways away) and then worry about the chicken and such on the day.  We do it all the time just because I don't have the smoking capacity for some of the...
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