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    15lb prime rib cook time?

    Cant help with how long itll take and I'm no expert but if you'd guess 8 hrs I say give yourself 10. Even if it's done early a long rest wrapped in a cooler won't hurt it any. If it's done early and rests for 3 hrs itll be fine and still be warm as long as its wrapped and in a cooler.
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    Butchers twine and high heat question

    Thanks for the replies. I like the idea from S-met of cooking to temp, rest an hour then sear in the oven. Not sure why the oven idea didnt occur to me but it sound good.
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    Butchers twine and high heat question

    my wife picked up a rib roast from safeway and the bones were cut off and tied back on. This will be my first time doing one of these. My question is will the sear box on my camp chef burn through the twine? It gets 900 degrees or so. My plan is to smoke it at 225 and once internal hits around...
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    First Tri Tip roast

    Holy crap I wish I could find it for $2.50lb. Just picked up 2 more the other day at $8.99lb. Same price as a whole choice ribeye. I wouldnt pick it over a ribeye every night but it's a equally good change of pace so it's worth it every now and then.
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    Debating on a pellet grill

    Where did you order just the PID controller for the older models? I cant find it on their site. Yeah I know their customer service is good because my unit arrived damaged and they were really good to work with. As for the temp swing, I'm not, not happy with it. It still does a great job and as...
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    Debating on a pellet grill

    My camp chef temp swings are insane. I'd be happy with 25 degrees but at a minimum mine swings at least 50-70 up and down and I've even seen it go over 100 in either direction also. Kind of sucks I may have to buy the PID controller just to tame it a little but it is what it is. Also I agree...
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    Debating on a pellet grill

    I will add too that if your thinking of going with camp chef they have a new model coming out with a PID controller. I'd wait for that model.
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    Debating on a pellet grill

    I got the camp chef woodwind sg with sear box and love it. It did come damaged but after talking to camp chef about it (they responded quick to email) they gave me a few options which made me happy. Good customer service. As for the grill, it's awesome. Everything I cook on it is amazing and...
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    Quick tri tip question

    To many factors to say for sure but I'd check it at 40 mins and every 10 mins or so after that. Best thing is to get a wireless thermometer like the thermo pro off amazon or something similar.
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    2nd tri tip. Way better!!

    That was only half the juice too. I put it in some foil to rest but left the top of the foil open cause I didn't want to temp to climb to much more and hoped leaving it open might help. When I pulled it out of that foil boat the bottom of it was filled with juice. We sat there and ate our fill...
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    2nd tri tip. Way better!!

    It was kind of all over the place. I pulled it off at 105ish to sear it and then put it back in the smoker. My plan was to pull it at 135. My thermo pro was reading 133 so I went out to double check with a hand held thermometer and I was reading temps of 136 in the middle to mid 140's near the...
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    2nd tri tip. Way better!!

    Did my first tri tip a couple months back and it turned out so so...I did it to rare and had to stick the individual slices back out on the sear box which then kind of over cooked them..it was good but I knew they could be better. Well we went to costco the other day to get a whole ribeye and i...
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    Your Favorite Pellets?

    I like the bear mountain gourmet blend. And coastal farm has them on sale often enough. I picked up 12 20lb bags a couple weeks ago for $80.
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    Quick brisket question

    I keep reading peoples post on brisket and seeing a lot of you are wrapping it in a towel and then dropping it in a cooler...I've kept them wrapped in paper or foil and put in the cooler but what's the purpose of a towel???
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