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    I like them feet a lot.
    Post by: fielies, Nov 26, 2012 in forum: Poultry
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    Thanks a lot for this.
    Post by: fielies, Oct 31, 2012 in forum: Pork
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    Dang Good Yes!
    Post by: fielies, Oct 24, 2012 in forum: Beef
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    Welcome Girl.
    Post by: fielies, Oct 19, 2012 in forum: Roll Call
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    Well it went , well
    Post by: fielies, Oct 13, 2012 in forum: Wild Game
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    Uploaded by: fielies, Oct 13, 2012, 0 comments, in album: crocodile
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    We need more photos on this thread.
    Post by: fielies, Sep 23, 2012 in forum: UDS Builds
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