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  1. eddiememphis

    Featured Baby Back Ribs

    Did you notice a taste difference between the apple juice and the Dr. Pepper?
  2. eddiememphis

    Apocalypse Tri-Tip

    Went to my local supermarket. They are not restocking the shelves so they can clean the entire store on Monday. I wanted beef short ribs. Nope. How 'bout a lil tri-tip? Sold! Dry brined with kosher salt and a little bit of sugar. Added Black pepper, garlic & onion. A little smoked paprika...
  3. eddiememphis

    Pit boss door leak

    It was cold and windy today in Denver. I helped the GMG get up to temp quicker with an Army surplus wool blanket on the smoker. Here you can see the gasket. Look in the corners. It fits tight to the contours of the grill.
  4. eddiememphis

    Pit boss door leak

    I bought a high temp gasket for the door in my Green Mountain. It works great, doesn't leak at all. I used to avoid the deck when it was on because a lot of smoke escaped. Now it all goes up the chimney.
  5. eddiememphis

    Camp Chef Charwood

    A new Sportsman's Warehouse opened in my neighborhood. I was wandering around today and found some Camp Chef Charwood pellets, Hickory or Cherry. $12.50 for a 20 pound bag. Not too bad of a price. Anyone have any experience with them? I figure for that price, I won't feel too bad dumping them...
  6. eddiememphis

    Weber 26 kettle pulled pork!

    Oh my. That looks great!
  7. eddiememphis

    Smoked Beef Cheeks

    "The Cook’s Cuts, available exclusively in Woolworths stores now." The last time I was in a Woolworth's was 1986. I was told to by security to never come back after they caught my buddy stealing one of the rubber band things for a slingshot. Pretty sure they have been out of business in the...
  8. eddiememphis

    Weber SmokeFire pellets. Anyone tried?

    Lumberjacks are $17 a bag in Denver. PitBoss at WalMart are the least expensive $8.88. I saw the Weber stuff at Lowe's today. Came here looking to see if anyone has tried them. They are a blend which I am not a fan of either.
  9. eddiememphis

    Cusinart Pellets?

    Never seen them. They don't seem too expensive. Buy a bag and try 'em. I just saw Weber branded at Lowe's and came here looking to see if anyone has tried them.
  10. eddiememphis

    Can't get good bark using a Kamado Joe

    Edit- nevermind. Reread your post.
  11. eddiememphis

    Accidentally submerged probe braided wire in sink. Should I be worried?

    I always get mine wet when I wash it and have never had a problem.
  12. eddiememphis

    Looking for a smoker

    The highland would seem to be better for smoking. The offset firebox allows burning wood. I don't know it you can burn whole logs in a barrel smoker. It looks like it is set up for charcoal. Also, if the fire goes out or you run low on fuel, you have to take the food out to add more. Not so on...
  13. eddiememphis

    Butcher & Parker Pellets and Sawdust

    Looks expensive. I use Lumberjack pellets. They claim 100% virgin wood, not furniture shop sweepings.
  14. eddiememphis

    1st cook

    Can you explain this? I have cooked a lot of legs and have never found them lacking in tenderness or flavor. I would think piercing the skin would allow juice to flow out, drying the meat.
  15. eddiememphis

    Jerky Prep?

    Both. Cure needs time to work regardless of the grind. It has less to do with muscle texture than with osmotic action, fermentation and expulsion. Heat kills the remaining pathogens. The reason ground meat needs to be cooked to a higher internal temperature than a whole cut is pathogens grow...
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