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    Dutch Oven Liners

    I saw those to. The day after, I went to a DO class, he said they work great also, but dont waste your$$. Heavy Duty alum foil works great. So I spose you could use parchment also. You end up getting lots more for your money. Also, it is not a "Uni-Tasker" as Alton Brown says. Dreamer
  2. dreamer

    My first "Q" View. Short Ribs

    Well lets see. Garlic, Black Pepper, Fennel, Cayenne Pepper, and Sunflower Oil. Contact info Drakes Meat Rubs PO Box 135 Connell Wa,99326 509-521-3571 I have also used their poultry seasoning. It is also very good. It was all real good. Guess thats what counts, is if everyone that ate it...
  3. dreamer

    My first "Q" View. Short Ribs

    Sorry, should be fixed now.
  4. dreamer

    My first "Q" View. Short Ribs

    Ahhh, found my ring.
  5. dreamer

    My first "Q" View. Short Ribs

    Well it was about time for my first, so here goes. This pig was home grown by a buddy and his wife. FREE PORK!! I rubbed with a local product "Drakes meat rub, Blackened rib Spice", and am using the 3-2-1 method Rubbed up and ready. Got my temp Perfect In the GOSM Ready for the foil. After...
  6. dreamer

    Cold Smoke with GOSM?

    It is funny you ask. I just posted this on another forum. Baking pan, cooling rack, wax paper, then your fish skin side down. COVER with sea salt or Kosher, sprinkle on brown sugar, and pepper. Add any dry flavorings that you would like, and then rub it all in. Lay it someplace that bugs...
  7. dreamer

    Cold Smoke with GOSM?

    That did it. If anyone has any Q's, feel free to get wit me. Dreamer
  8. dreamer

    Cold Smoke with GOSM?

    Was down bout 85, but no TBS. So I opened the side dampners up about 1/4 of an inch for some O2. Will see what that does to the temp. Dreamer
  9. dreamer

    Cold Smoke with GOSM?

    Well didnt get to do it yesterday, but am currently doing it. With 2 briquets, and 2 peices of Hickory chunks, I had it about 125. Just took one briquet out, and will let you know what happens. Dreamer.
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    First brisket and Pork Butt with Q-View

    I saw them, looks great. I think my pit is ready for a little TLC, and some mods. Like your ideas. Probably will use some of them. Dreamer
  11. dreamer

    Cool Pics (FIXED)

    I was smoking up some cheese, saw this, and had to grab a pic. Dreamer
  12. dreamer

    Cool Pics

    I was smoking up some cheese, saw this, and had to grab a pic. Dreamer
  13. dreamer

    For us Diabetics that love sauce

    I am currently on a VERY LOW carb diet to get my sugars under controll. This spring I was really wanting some BB ribs, but if I am going to eat ribs, I WANT MY SAUCE. Well my loving wife found this recipe someplace on the net. At first I was not willing to try this. She made the effort, so I...
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    Its goin back to WMT. I love mesquite, but this is horrible. Maybe I will find something better at home depot.
  15. dreamer


    I have used mesquite lots, and love it lots. I just bought a bag from WMT, and it seems to have a chemical smell to it. I have not noticed this with others that I have bought. Most I have was in a mesh bag. This was in a plastic bag. Is this normal?
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