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  1. doug123

    Old Smokey Electric Smoker

    Hey ChargerPower, Just saw this. Sorry, I don't get on here much anymore. Packed my smoker up for the Winter. I didn't get one but I am still thinking about it. More than likely I will order one in the Spring. I haven't really heard anyone say anything bad about them. So you like it? I...
  2. doug123

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Haven't been on in a while. Been busy at work and had to pack my smoker up for the winter. Last time I tried just wasn't worth it. Too cold and windy in my neck of the woods. I will be plenty hungry for something smoked come spring :D Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! I...
  3. doug123

    Cast iron pie irons

    Just hot dogs and kielbasa. Nothing beats sitting around a fire having a few cold ones then doing a little cooking 8) Had a good time last night, sometimes the simple things are the most fun :D
  4. doug123

    Cast iron pie irons

    Nothing beats cast iron pie irons in the fire :D
  5. doug123

    Restaurant search

    Congratulations Joe!!! Hope everything goes smooth for you 8)
  6. doug123

    Sirloin Roast

    10 minutes. I usually wait at least 30. People were hungry and that was that :D I need to start sooner so I don't have to worry about when it is done anymore. Plus I think every time I buy something to smoke now, I'm always buying bigger and bigger cuts. Next time I'm going to get something...
  7. doug123

    Sirloin Roast

    Rubbed down with spicy mustard, sprayed with apple juice, pecan and cherry smoke. Pulled at 142. Didn't let it rest long enough, too much juice ran out when I sliced it. I need to learn to start sooner, my wife is the impatient type :roll: Still good stuff though :D
  8. doug123

    Early morning start

    Looks delicious Dutch :D Ho was it?
  9. doug123

    Another smoked salmon

    Hey Rodger, I pulled this one at 134 Smoked Salmon Link It didn't taste undercooked to me. I was even thinking it went a little too long maybe. I think I have seen a lot of people say they pull them at 130.
  10. doug123

    To soak? or not to soak? that is the question??

    Hey Deer Meat, There was a similar thread here if you want to check it out: ***** Should you soak your wood? *****
  11. doug123

    Another smoked salmon

    Looks good Rodger 8) So how was it?
  12. doug123

    Some tips on smoking a ham please

    Hey Ranger, Now that sounds good :D My wife used the rest of ours up for dinner tonight but next time I do one I am definitely going to make some soup 8)
  13. doug123

    Brisket question please

    Sounds good, thanks Jim.
  14. doug123

    Some tips on smoking a ham please

    Hey that sounds good Duncan. Might have to give that a try next time. In the immortal words of Dizzy Dean: "It ain't bragging if you can back it up..." :D
  15. doug123

    Some tips on smoking a ham please

    Hi Ranger, Yes, I did find yours. I was pretty much using your post as a guide and saw Jim's info as well. Thanks, it came in handy. I liked it, need to smoke longer next time though. My wife warmed up the leftovers in the oven tonight and it was pretty dang tasty. I forgot to mention, I used...
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