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    3 birds and a great day

    Too busy to check in yesterday. I did three 15 lb birds for our family gathering. 2 in buttermilk brine with compound butter under the skin. The other in an apple spice brine. Spatchcoked them. All went well. Hope everyone else had or has a great cook of you own.
  2. domerskee

    Preheating questions

    Depends what I'm cooking. I run a smoke vault. If I'm doing a smaller cook, I just go to the desired temp. If I'm doing more, like tonight (8 pork butts) I'll start it out 10-15 degrees high knowing it's gonna lose some ground initially.
  3. domerskee

    First Overnight Smoke on SV 24"

    I just fired my SV24 up with 8 butts. I run smoke most of the time. Persoanally, I like staying up,and just dozing in a chair all night. On long cooks I'll usually set a timer for every 90 minutes or so and add chips. When I want to not do that I use my amazen tray with pellets. I've had good...
  4. First smoke in a while

    First smoke in a while

  5. domerskee

    First smoke in a while

    Work and life have been busy, but I get to roll smoke on 75 lbs. of pulled pork for a community picnic tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :grilling_smilie:
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  7. domerskee

    Smoker Sale

    Follow the brick seek link in the article and put your zip in. Best in my area is 159, which is still a bargain.
  8. domerskee

    Maverick et-733 question.

    Yes, the circle arrow is the sync button
  9. domerskee

    Smoker Sale

    Anybody looking to add to the family .... tis' the season  https://slickdeals.net/f/10408360-smoker-clearance-at-walmart-megathread-ymmv  
  10. domerskee

    2lb Tri-Tip Chief Smoker Electric... HELP?? 7,000 Feet elevation (Sierra's)

    If your smoker only runs at 165 it's gonna take a LONG time. I'd get an oven thermometer or something to determine your real temp. Ideally you'll be up in the 220-250 range. After that, time is just a ballpark measurement. The meat is done when it hits your desired temp.
  11. domerskee

    Starting on propane finishing on smoker

    On occasion I have had to leave home and thus I smoke for 4-5 hours then transfer to a roaster. Comes out almost as good as in the smoker all the way. Always a price to pay for convenience I suppose. But still good food. Keep smokin' :grilling_smilie:
  12. domerskee

    Looking for help on wood.

    Get a small cast iron skillet and sit it on the tray That little extra buffer should keep the wood from catching fire. You may also want to check your vents and slow the air flow a bit.
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  14. domerskee

    Carnivores GameDay

    Smoke rollin.... blessings to all of you and yours
  15. Carnivores GameDay

    Carnivores GameDay

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