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  1. DocSteve

    A snack I like.

    Ya, this old guy gets the best. Supplements, food, etc.
  2. DocSteve

    A snack I like.

    Ya, he's alive, almost 17 year old Lab, sleeps through most stuff.
  3. DocSteve

    The ASPCA or at least my local branch Sucks!

    That's like no ASPCA I've ever heard of. Last dog I got there was my blind Lab, 8 yrs old then, 16 now. Took 45 min, $65.
  4. DocSteve

    A snack I like.

    I know it's not smoking, but it's a snack I like. I get potato strings and use whatever rub sprinkled on. Found my current favorite, chipotle parmesan. I can never find a store bought snack to suit my tastes so I go plain and flavour myself.
  5. DocSteve

    Potato soup.

    Not that fancy. I smoked a ham, saved the bone. I got some fancy potato soup. Added some bacon bits, crushed red pepper and let it simmer. It's not always about making everything from scratch.
  6. DocSteve

    Fla hurricane butt.

    13 hrs, 225. 2 probes to check difference between on board GMG probe and ThermPro. 10 degree difference. Foil wrapped in cooler of paper for 3 hrs. Shredded. Dropped the whole container on the floor. 5 second rule. Salvaged almost all. Dog had a good time licking carpet.
  7. DocSteve

    Treiger discount.

    If you qualify, mil, PO, firefighter, etc. You can join Eperticity.com. They have a ton of discounts and I saw they have Treiger now. Not a promoter, just a guy that found a discount.
  8. DocSteve

    A ham.

    Cost more but worth it.
  9. DocSteve

    A ham.

    I shredded it, after eating the crispy parts. Lol. Did it a 225 degrees.
  10. DocSteve

    A ham.

    Did a 14hr ham on a GMG. Occasional apple cider spritz. I get stuff from around the world to try out. Chicken Salt from Australia. Kids of like their all spice from what I read. Taste good. Basted with high end soy sauce. From a family that's been making it for 600 years. Thicker and more...
  11. DocSteve

    Sale alert.

    Dont know if it's a specific store deal but my local Publix (East coast, Southern place) has St. Louis ribs on sale. Just got 15 racks all for under $5.50 each.
  12. DocSteve

    Therm TP20

    Cool. Looked at other popular models w/ more probes, especially the one debated about in this section, cant remember name of unit. Dont need 4 probes. I only cook for myself. My GMG has wifi control w/ a probe so this gives me 3 remote's if I ever cook that much..for myself, lol.
  13. DocSteve

    Just curious.

    Didn't want this to turn into a "political debate". Was just curious about people's stance on topic item.
  14. DocSteve

    Therm TP20

    If you bought one during Prime Days from Amazon, look at Deal Of the Day right now. It's on sale for almost $20 less at $41. I just cancelled my order and re-ordered one.
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