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  1. deepwoodsdeacon

    pecan for smoking

    Anyone ever used nuts, pecan, hickory, walnut or the like for smoking fuel. Hmmm.. pistachios...
  2. deepwoodsdeacon

    Christmas Music already

    Okay I know I'll catch a bunch of crap for this but...I could and somtimes do listen to it year round. It's not about the marketing with me, it"s more the message. Just sayin'. Merry Christmas, DWD
  3. deepwoodsdeacon

    I got kicked out of Target

    That's what I needed to get my weekend kicked off !
  4. deepwoodsdeacon

    Warming box design question

    Roksmith, Cman95 and Dutch.. thanks a million for the info that's just the stuff to get me all fired up for the weekend build. Wow Dutch, that new Lang shore is purty. I'm fairy certain I have plenty of FB to feed both main and warming box (22x224x24). Maybe I'll put the warming box up (as...
  5. deepwoodsdeacon

    Warming box design question

    Ok, I've gathered almost the material to start construction on a 60x24 reverse flow offset. Also wanted to hang a warming box just above the FB. Questions is can you baffle the exhaust gas thru the warming box to increase my total smoking area? Come on guys I can't be the only one who's thunk...
  6. deepwoodsdeacon

    spicy fatty and ABT's w/ qview

    Those look great , gonna try some Saturday. Can' wait! DWD
  7. deepwoodsdeacon

    New Build -Trailer mounted reverse flow smoker

    I've gathered materials for a 24" 150 gal reverse flow build, simular the the meadow creek ts120p. I had wondered if the firebox on a reverse flow design would carry enough heat to provide the "warming box" the thermal energy to cook at simular rate as the main chamber. BBQ Engineer, is this...
  8. deepwoodsdeacon

    Brinkmann Split-Door on clearance at Wal-Mart

    Like Raceyb I'm also in Fla and I checked Our local Wally World ...74 smackeroos, oh well. Glad you got the deal. My wife and I have a little code we repeat when we can't find the deal that someone has told us they found at thier Wmart. O.W.S. (our Wmart sucks). Hope it catches on! DWD
  9. deepwoodsdeacon

    Nuff lurkin

    Thanks MH been watching your posts a couple of days now cause Uncle Ted Is one of my heros too.
  10. deepwoodsdeacon

    Hello from Orlando (Winter Park)

    and how to the cooling off part. Here in FL I really look forward to the colder ,still nights with the smoke gently wafting into star filled sky as the crickets and the cracking steel of the firebox sing my song of rejuvination..... eh ,sorry I sorta zoned out...uh GO Gators!!
  11. deepwoodsdeacon

    Nuff lurkin

    'Sup from Bushnell Fl. Great site all, very helpful folks and a big thanks to the OTBS for all your help thus far. Been around a cooker or 2 but still pickin up tips from guys and girls like you. Got a Brinkmann SP and several old air tanks waiting on their trasnsformation. WMHahahaha. Look...
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