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  1. daveyhunter

    GOSM - water in the pan or not?

    I always put a water pan in my smoker also ,because I to find that it maintains the heat in the smoker, more of a consistent and even temp, I will not do without.
  2. daveyhunter

    soot in my smoker

    I just built it a couple years ago and it worked fine very good really ,I was thinking that maybe it is because I let the fire go darn near out then iI put the wood on that is when it happened.
  3. daveyhunter

    soot in my smoker

    It only happened when the fire was just about and I put some more apple wood on it I dont see how that could happen but it did ,the fire was just about and when I put wood on black smoke every where maybe I should have soaked my wood I don't know before that I had just cleaned the smoker always...
  4. daveyhunter

    soot in my smoker

    This has never happened to me before .and I am wondering why I got black soot in my smoker and over my meat disgusting what did I do wrong terrible black smoke any help would be appreciated Daveyhunter
  5. daveyhunter

    Dried Salami

    Does anyone have a recipe for cold smoked dreid salami
  6. daveyhunter

    Venison Pastrami

    That looks absolutley awsome Will try forsure
  7. daveyhunter

    Beef Bacon

    Thank you sounds good to me
  8. daveyhunter

    Beef Bacon

    Thank You so much sounds like you know what you are talking about
  9. daveyhunter

    Beef Bacon

    It sure does ,just a thought
  10. daveyhunter

    Beef Bacon

    Thanks I think you are right I wonder if that buckboard bacon from High Mountain might work I think I will try someday Thanks again
  11. daveyhunter

    Beef Bacon

    Has anyone ever made beef Bacon from a Brisket if so could you please share recipe Thank You
  12. daveyhunter

    Tender Quick

    You can get Tender Quick at butcher-packer supply co. They have all you need for smoking or curing meat www.butcher-packer.com
  13. daveyhunter

    Best Canadian Bacon yet!

    That looks yummy, Great job, great color
  14. daveyhunter

    let's talk about trout

    This sounds like a very good recipe, I am going to give it a try Fri. the 13th Thanks Daveyhunter
  15. daveyhunter


    The stuffer we made will hold 6 lbs. Thanks daveyhunter
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