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    Great Brisket Score of 2016!

    Costco has been my best brisket source so far. Prime-grade packers at my closest store are $3.29/lb. Sometimes Super Walmart has choice for around $3/lb, but I'll spend the extra couple bucks for the prime if possible.
  2. cricky101

    Reverse Sear

    Looks good. That's my favorite way to make pork chops and steaks on a Weber kettle. Indirect with a touch of smoke until they hit the temp I want, then let the coals get blazing hot and sear. 
  3. cricky101

    does anyone use store bought rubs or spice or BBQ sauce???

    I use Plowboy's Yardbird on pork and chicken. Beef is usually just salt and pepper.
  4. cricky101

    Baby Backs tonight

    I usually use hickory and mix in some kind of fruit wood for pork. I'm partial to cherry, but apple is very nice too.
  5. cricky101

    Other Hobbies

    In addition to smoking meat, I brew a lot of beer and tinker with all of the DIY stuff that can go along with that. I dabble in photography and shoot a fair bit too.
  6. cricky101

    Brisket for one?

    If I could buy just the point I would make nothing but burnt ends!
  7. cricky101

    First Brisket

    I trim it, but try to leave 1/4" or so. I cut away all of the hard fat I can get at.
  8. cricky101

    Memorial Day charcoal sales!

    Not sure how wide-spread they are, but True Value hardware has 20 pound bags for $8.99 through the end of the month too. http://www.truevalue.com/product/Hardwood-Lump-Charcoal-20-Lb/1602.uts?keyword=charcoal  They'll ship to your local store for free, and if you spend over $30 online, there's...
  9. cricky101

    Reuben Fatty with whole grain Dijon mustard

    That looks awesome!
  10. cricky101

    Hedgehog Salmonella Outbreak: 23 Ill in 9 States

    I remember a while back when people were getting salmonella from playing with pet turtles too. Wash those hands!
  11. cricky101

    space concerns with my Weber and ribs

    I get 3 slabs on my old Weber Performer in a rib rack no problem. I think there are 5 or 6 slots in the rib rack. I usually give it a spin (just pick up and turn the whole rib rack with the slabs in it) half-way through my smoke. Works great!
  12. cricky101

    Playing with some Mini-WSM mods, and of course Smokin dinner!

    I really need to make one of these. My wife is always asking for ABTs and with two levels in a mini-WSM I would be an ABT-making machine!
  13. cricky101

    Hot fast brisket fail!

    I was skeptical at first but have been doing strictly hot-and-fast cooks on my performer for a couple years now. I usually start at about 230 and let the cooker heat up to about 300-325 and keep it there for the rest of the cook. I wrap at about 165 and pull off when done. Not sure what went...
  14. cricky101

    Coffee Rubbed Brisket W / Q-VIEW

    Burnt ends may be my favorite thing in the world. Nice work!!
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