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    D40's introduction

    Welcome to the forum!
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    St Louis Style

    Welcome to the forum!
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    ABT's on FoodNetwork at 4:30 EST Today

    The one I saw was the show Diners,Drive in's and Dives and they were put in a smoker.On the website it said to grill,not the same.You have to watch Food Network,they mess up on recipe's.
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    Hello from Dr.Ken

    Welcome to the forum!
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    BBQ sauce used as a mopping sauce?

    Thanks for the info everyone!I guess I'll stick with apple juice for now,pineapple sounds good also!Anyway I'm smoking two racks of baby back ribs and two whole chickens along with some Johnsonville Brats monday.
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    CHAR-GRILLER Smokin Pro - product reveiw

    I like mine,highly recommended!
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    Char Griller Cook Log

    That could come in handy,thanks for sharing!
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    Has anybody used "Wicked Good Charcoal" - Weekend warrior blend lump???

    Cowboy brand is all I can find locally.
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    Hello From Michigan

    Welcome to the forum!
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    ideas for a lighter product

    I use lump charcoal with some wet hickory chips thrown in every now and then and never have any problems with them getting dark.
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    Hey from Georgia

    Welcome to the forum!
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    EZ-Style pop up tent

    Thats a good price!We have one of those,got it two years ago and it has held up good.We bought it when my son was playing USSSA baseball for a traveling team,we put in up all over Georgia and Florida(Orlando) and Tennessee(Johnson City)!You can't beat it at a price like that!They also have...
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    BBQ sauce used as a mopping sauce?

    Geoff?My name is Jerry! LOL Thank you for the information!
  14. cool85k5

    BBQ sauce used as a mopping sauce?

    Can a BBQ sauce used as a mopping sauce?If so how many times would it be applied?This would be used for pork ribs.
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    1st smoked chicken!

    Well the chicken turned out fine,nice and tender!It just fell apart!No pictures sorry.
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